Tuesday, October 12, 2010

~ Bandana Day ~

Today is Bandana Day at the American School of Johannesburg!

The the Sunflower Fund supports children who suffer from leukemia. So when you buy the bandana from this charity you will support them. Although we didn't have and couldn't find these bandanas anymore the girls are still wearing their own bandana to show support towards children who have leukemia. It brings awareness to other children who suffer from a serious illness and to stand still by this fact that not every child is as healthy as they are. So a good cause in any way!

Have a great day y'all,


Leah and Maya said...

what an awesome idea. They look adorable as usual. Sorry just got your comment, for some reason it went to spam???? Have a great day, or night whatever the case may be.

Wendy said...

Hey, I'm getting a bandanna to wear for zumba class. It's all the rage! To be sure, your girls look WAY cuter. I am just going to look scary.

Maci Miller said...

Very cool. And the girls look adorable in theirs. Love the bike shots, too, BTW!


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