Sunday, June 27, 2010

It is hard...

to live without your Nintendo DS.... even when you are on such a beautiful island as Koh Samui! LOL

PS: Are you following the World Cup Football??
I got away from it... but since my dad is here, I am following some games as well... must admit it is quite addicting ;-)

PPS: Dirk is shaving his head bald, when HOLLAND wins the finals..... they are getting closer...
Can't wait to see my hubby again after the finals, 6 weeks without him is quite long!
With or WITHOUT hair would be fine for me ;-)

Have a great Sunday!


Wendy said...

Hard to leave the technology behind. When we were in the Philippines last year at a pretty remote resort, Becky was beside herself that she couldn't be in constant communication with her friends via Facebook, email, whatever!

Wendy said...
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Annie said...

Yes, even Christina is on this MacBook between every event here at the Lake, checking with her friends on MySpace.
Can't wait to see Dirk's head!! We have been watching several games, you're right, it is addicting!

Mireille said...

But I made some rules, I don't allow it all the time, on beaches, near pools etc.etc.
Dirk is only coming after the WC, so another 2 weeks without him! And I just dropped my dad off at the airport.. so it is me and the girls for now, but still some posts with my dad :-)


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