Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fishing; the old fashion way..

Jasmine and Juliet made friends with the daughter of one of the care takers here at the resort. Her name is Nim Tao, and she is 10 years old. While we were relaxing at the pool, we saw her fishing the old fashion way, with just her hands and a little sieve and cup. I told the girls to go to her and help her. But JJ and Jezz were shy and it took a bit of convincing before they finally went over to her and started playing with her. All 3 were happy as a camper, because all day they had so much fun together! The language barrier which was first the reason why they didn't want to go over to her, was now gone! Giggling and laughing trying to catch those little fish with their hands or cup kept them busy most of the day, while I was just enjoying my Kindle in the shade... Yeah I learned my lesson!! And stay out of the direct sun, even though it is overcast!!

The views are very picturesque here. The bay looks out over Koh Phangnan, Samui’s little sister, and is secluded by natural rock formations at either end. So great for the girls to roam around and look for critters.

It is too bad that the local kids still have no vacation, so JJ and Jezz can only play with their newly made friend on the weekends. So they have to wait again a whole week before seeing her!

In the evening we went to a ballet recital from a local ballet school where another friend of us was performing. My friend Annette who lives here on the island, and we have rented the house via her, asked us if we wanted to come and see her 5 year old daughter perform in a Disney compilation. And the girls are already BIG friends with Jing Lan so we were delighted to go and see! So cute all these little girls on stage! We had a lot of fun, but my camera is really acting weird after I dropped it by accident, so the next batch of pictures are hopefully better, since my dad brought me a new one. Which I have to test now...

Below is our friend Jing Lan the 3rd person on the right, in all 3 images. Isn't she cute?? JJ and Jezz love her!! She speaks Dutch as well, but also English and Thai, so they speak in a mix when they play together.

More of our adventures tomorrow!
Have a good day y'all!


Leah and Maya said...

I tell you you guys know how to vacation. Looks wonderful!

千惠千惠 said...


Annie said...

Honestly, I just can't take much more of this fantasy!


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