Friday, October 16, 2009

THANK YOU!! ~ Dankie! ~ Ngiyabonga! ~ Khap Khun Kha!

Today I am on post #300! My blog is in the 'air' from January 31,2008 (my birthday). And I want to reflect a moment on my blogging life.

Some of you have followed me from the beginning and start to know quite a bit about me, Dirk my husband and our twin girls Jasmine & Juliet. 300 posts in 20,5 months of blogging and a staggering 28.370 visitors from 159 countries!! Did you know that there are only 195 countries in the world? That means that there are only a few countries left that haven't been visiting my blog. That is just AMAZING to me!!

That means about 1385 visitors/visits in 1 month or 45 visits/visitors a day! There are a lot of blogging friends out there in so many countries that I would like to THANK. It is so much more fun to write a blog if you know people are actually reading it!!

I've become friends with a few of you, and even met in real life! All of you have enriched my life in some way and I am very humbled by the fact that the inernet can create such a beautiful, precious, amazing connections!

That I am sitting here in South Africa in a different time zone and even in a different hemisphere and season to most of you and still can connect on a daily basis with you all. Most of my postings are blogged in my PJ's in the early morning, just after I have put my daughters on the bus at 7am. Knowing that most of you are still sleeping or having lunch/dinner or just turning in. Isn't that just amazing? Who could have thought about that say 10 years ago??

I really appreciate all of you, the lurkers who come once in a while and never comment, the people who by accident came onto my blog, the ones that saw a picture on google image (if you type in funky doodle donkey or the names of the girls on google image you see quite a bit of me), the other ones that know me as a friend in real life or a family member, blogging friends who I connected with through the wonderful journey of adoption, people from Thailand, the Netherlands, USA, Spain, Greece, South Africa: all the countries I have lived in and talk about in my posts... through the search engines they knew how to find me!

But above all the friends who come back regularly and give comments those are the ones I appreciate so much! (And you know who you are) I see them as my personal friends, not only blogging friends anymore. And I hope sincerely that if we haven't met YET, that we will find an opportunity to meet one day. Because I FOLLOW you as well! I read about your lives, your journey you are going through, I see your children grow up, I read about your ups and downs... just like you do mine. And all that from a long distance, but I don't feel that distance at all! I can see your faces, sometimes even hear your voices (when you post a mini movie) and that is something that I am thankful for and amazed by!!

So here a list of Thank You's in hopefully all the languages that have visited my blog! Sorry if I've missed yours... (but you can always give me a comment and I will add yours :-)

ALBANIAN faleminderit
ARABIC chokrane
ARABIC (TUNISIAN) Barak Allahu fiik
ARMENIAN chnorakaloutioun
AZERI çox sag olun / tesekkur edirem
BAMBARA a ni kié
BASQUE eskerrik asko (southern basque) / milesker (northern basque)
BELARUSIAN Дзякую (dziakuju)
BENGALI dhanyabaad
BOBO a ni kié
BRETON trugéré / trugaré / trugarez
BULGARIAN merci / blagodaria
BURMESE (thint ko) kyay tzu tin pa te
CATALAN gràcies
CEBUANO salamat
CHECHEN Баркал (barkal)
CHINESE xièxie
CZECH děkuji / díky
DARI tashakor
DOGON gha-ana / birepo
DUTCH dank u wel / dank je wel
ENGLISH thank you
ESTONIAN tänan / tänan väga (thank you very much)
EWÉ akpé
FAROESE takk fyri
FIDJIAN vinaka
FINNISH kiitos
FRENCH merci
FRISIAN dankewol
FRIULAN gracie
GALICIAN gracias / graciñas
GEORGIAN დიდი მადლობა (didi madloba)
GERMAN danke
GREEK ευχαριστώ (efharisto)
GUARANÍ aguyjé
HINDI dhanyavad
HUNGARIAN köszönöm
INDONESIAN terima kasih
IRISH GAELIC go raibh maith agat
ITALIAN grazie
JAPANESE arigatô
KABYLIAN tanemirt
KANNADA dhanyavadagalu
KHMER akun
KIKONGO matondo
KIRUNDI murakoze
KOREAN kam sah hamnida
KRIO tenki
LAO khob chai (deu)
LATIN gratias ago (from 1 pers.)
gratias agimus (from X pers.)
LATVIAN paldies
LIGURIAN grassie
LINGALA matondi
LOW SAXON bedankt / dank ju wel
MACEDONIAN blagodaram
MALAGASY misaotra
MALAY terima kasih
MALTESE niżżik ħajr / grazzi / nirringrazzjak
MARATHI aabhari aahe / aabhar / dhanyavaad
MONGOLIAN bayarlalaa (Баярлалаа)
OCCITAN mercé / grandmercé
PASCUAN mauruuru
PASHTO manana
PERSIAN motashakkeram, mamnun (formal) / mochchakkeram, mamnun, mersi (informal)
POLISH dziękuję
PORTUGUESE obrigado (M speaking) / obrigada (F speaking)
QUECHUA sulpáy
ROMANI najis tuke
ROMANIAN mulţumesc
RUSSIAN спасибо (spacibo)
SAMOAN faafetai lava
SARDINIAN gratzias
SCOTTISH GAELIC tapadh leat (singular, familiar)
tapadh leibh (plural, respectful)
SERBIAN хвала (hvala)
SHIMAORE marahaba
SHONA waita (plural: maita)
SINDHI meharbani
SINHALA stuutiyi
SLOVAK dakujem
SOBOTA hvala
SPANISH gracias / muchas gracias
SWAHILI asante / asante sana
TAGALOG salamat (po)
TAHITIAN mauruuru
TAJIK rahmat
TAMIL nandri
TATAR rahmat
TELUGU dhanyavadalu
THAI ขอบคุณค่ะ (kop khun kha) - woman speaking
ขอบคุณครับ (kop khun krap) - man speaking
TIGRINYA yekeniele
TURKISH tesekkur ederim, sagolun
TWI Medase
UKRAINIAN дякую (diakuiu)
URDU shukriya
UZBEK rahmat
WALOON ("betchfessîs" spelling) gråces / merci
thank you very much : gråces (merci) traze côps, gråces (merci) beacôp
WELSH diolch
WOLOF djiere dieuf
XHOSA enkosi
YIDDISH a dank
YORUBA o sheun
ZULU ngiyabonga (literally means : I give thanks)
siyabonga (= we give thanks)
ngiyabonga kakhulu (thanks very much)

I am planning to continue to blog about our lives and I am looking forward to even meet more new friends via this medium.

So please comment on my blog and start a new connection in life with a friend that is living here in Joburg and looking out for you!

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead!


Leah and Maya said...

Hey my birthday is only a few days before yours! Have so enjoyed following ever since you emailed me! can't wait to continue, have a great weekend.

The pale observer said...

Hi Mireille - on the occasion of your 300th post, I've become your newest follower! Great blog!

Holli in Ghana

Thank you here in Twi is: 'Medase!'

Nichole and Craig said...

WOW that's a lot of different languages.
Congrats on your 300th post

Nichole in Canada

Maci Miller said...

Very cool post! It is really great, isn't it? I never would have imagined when I started blogging that I would "meet" so many wonderful people and have such an incredible experience through it all. It's been wonderful getting to know you and share in your life with Dirk and your beautiful girls. It was even better to get to meet you and JJ & Jezz in NY. Next time, you will get to meet little Ruby! Thanks for your really great comment the other day. Excellent advice and really hit the nail on the head. I am with you 100%. Ditching the dr. and continuing to feed Ruby healthy food with some special treats now and then. Anyway, thanks for being a friend!

Sandie said...

Congratulations on your 300th! I discovered your blog - probably more than 12 months ago now and have enjoyed following, hearing about your gorgeous daughters, and how you are enjoying life in South Africa. I am from Australia but my family and I tend to be drawn back to Africa each year for our family holidays. This year we are spending Christmas at Sun City. Thank you for the blog, and looking forward to being along for the ride for the next 300!! Warm regards Sandie

Our House of Five said...

I was so hoping to actually have been your neighbor by now and doing all sorts of fun things in SA, but alas that was not to be. But I feel like I have made a connection-dare I say friendship with you that I hope continues for a lifetime! I so enjoy your perspective, your passion for life and your family, your sense of humor, your kindness and your adventurous nature!


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