Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Safari at Nungubane, Welgevonden Game Reserve

We are back from our safari at Nungubane (which means porcupine) and we've have seen the 'Big 5' again and so many other beautiful animals. Except the buffalo, we couldn't just find them. Searched for them a few times, and were close but just no luck this time.

I have never seen so many weaver birds in 1 tree!

The big 5 are referred to the Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Black Rhino and the Leopard. The phrase Big Five game was coined by big-game hunters and refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot.
We even saw the Leopard! This is a hard to spot animal, and we were so lucky to see one immediately when we drove into the game park, but before I took out my camera he was gone... so sad to not catch it on my camera! He was sitting so nicely on a rock for us, and so close by but then when I moved my hand to take out my camera he was gone... :-(

The shadow of our Jeep while we were on a Sunset drive

When you go on a safari, you do 2 game drives of 3-4 hours. One at sunset and one at sunrise. Since then the animals are most active and easier to spot. During the day mostly they will sleep in the high grass or under some bushes, so then you can't see them. The drive happens in an open Jeep, so you are a lot of times really close to the animals. But as long as you sit in your Jeep you are farely safe. Although we met an Elepant bull, a huge one that was really nasty and chasing our Jeep and another one, picture below. We had to back up so if he would turn around we could escape easily. Elephants are fast runners and can be aggressive!

In between the game drives we relax at the lodge, have great lunches and dinners, but most of your days consist of game drives. The fun of these game drives is that you never know which animals you will run into. You can drive for an hour and not see anything and then suddenly you are eye to eye with a huge group of elephants, buffalo's, zebra's, wildebeest or impala's. It makes it so much fun! It's not like going to a zoo where you know what you will see in the next cage, no this is 42.000 hectare of nature and you just cruise around in the hope to see as much as possible. So these drives are very very exciting, worth doing at least once in your life time!!
Also nature is so pretty!

So here some pictures of the animals we have seen.


And the remnants of a Wildebeest after the lions ate it... a skull!

Water bucks


And now they had enough of us, so they showed us their nicely formed behind.. LOL


Impala's, the fast food of the Bush... do you know how they call a baby Impala? a Happy Meal! LOL. Easy prey for most preditors

We had a great time with Phil our ranger, he could imitate most of the animals which made it fun, because he would call them and they would look up in our direction, and that makes a great picture!

The rest of the week the girls have still vacation, but we are just hanging around the house. The weather is nice, so they can go for a swim, play with the bunnies or just do some arts & crafts or play dates with their friends.

Have a wonderful day!


Wyndee said...

Wow! Amazing pictures!

Leah and Maya said...

great pictures,probably wont get to Africa, although my husband was talking about it (hi boss likes it there) pretty far away from family and what a crazy long flight. After living out of the country from on the 8 months I really really like the USA.

Kim said...

WOW-WEE...those are some awesome pictures!

What a cool and adventurous life you live!


Wendy said...

These are just mind-blowing photos! My favorite is the close-up of the rhino's face. I am ecstatic when I see wild turkeys, deer, or if our resident fox walks through our back woods. I think I'd just die if I were to see any of these amazing African animals up close. If I could get the time off from work, I'd be on the next plane to South Africa. Thanks so much for sharing these!

Emm said...

Stunning photos! You really did a good job capturing the animals. Makes me want to come home when I see things like this!


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