Monday, October 12, 2009

From 2002 to 2009, JJ & Jezz over the years

I made a huge photo album on Facebook featuring Juliet & Jasmine from 2002 to 2009, but it has 200 pictures in it. So I can't do that here, but what I can do is take a picture from each year, so you can see how the girls developed from itsy bitsy babies to cute toddlers to small little ladies :-)

Below are the girls in all their cuteness from the year they were born in 2002 to today. As you can see I sometimes call the girls by their nickname and sometimes in their full names. Since we got the girls before the adoption was finalised and I didn't want to jinx anything we started calling them by their nicknames... everybody in Thailand has one, so the girls needed one too. Juliet Janelle became JJ and Jasmine Isabel became Jezz. We only used the nicknames till the adoption was finalised 13 months later! Nobody knew their full names yet, till the paperwork was done.

July 2002, the week JJ & Jezz arrived at home! They were 3 months old. They couldn't sit up yet, so I had to push them against each other, but they were tipping over the whole time. This photo took me a while.. :-)
Little did I know that photographing twins is REALLY hard, but at that point I had no clue whatsoever about raising twins or the road ahead of us. Oblivious is bliss! Jasmine left, Juliet right.

December 2003. After the adoption was done, we moved to the USA. Dirk was already living there and we went from a hot country to Connecticut where a lot of snow falls. So we needed some warm hats. I found this cool Dutch website who makes recycle design, re-creates pieces of other pieces of clothing. These hats used to be sweaters. The girls didn't smile a lot those early years it looks like. JJ left, Jezz right.

November 2004. Here some other hats from Flobberdewotsky, these are made of scraps of fabric, cool or what? We had a lot of remarks on those hats and the girls just look adorable in them. Jasmine on the left, Juliet on the right.

February 2005. I just cut the girls bangs/fringes. We are trying to grow the hair and get a nice model in it, till now it was just growing in all directions. In 2 months the girls turn 3 years. JJ left, Jezz right.

December 2006. As you can see I love hats, the one JJ is wearing (right) is from Oilily. I just love that shop and we had an outlet close by because I am not paying $70 for a hat! That was indeed the retail price... I bought it for $12.

July 2007. The girls are 5 now and really into fashion, hairdo's and all the accessoires that go along with it. Here I had to braid their hair when it was wet and they slept one night with the braids... and voila the result. So proud they were, they want curls all the time!

September 2008. We just moved to SA. And the girls are having International day at school. Proudly wearing their Thai dresses. Juliet left, Jasmine right.

March 2009. The girls are almost 7 and we are out for lunch. Juliet left, Jasmine right.

Jasmine and Juliet are the biggest blessing in our life! We enjoy these 2 little princesses so much. And when they were young I always thought this is the cutest and best stage... but then they grow older and I think that THAT is the nicest age. But you know what, each phase is their life is exciting, fun, adventurous and a gift to us! We truly are thrilled to be their parents!

If you like to see my photo album on Facebook, just make a friend request (but tell me that you read my blog, because I don't let anybody become my friend on Facebook) otherwise I will ignore the request.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Emm said...

Oh, they are so gorgeous!!! I think it is the most wonderful thing that you have these little children and that you've photographed them every step of the way.

I sent you a request on Facebook.

Nichole and Craig said...

They are both so beautiful. I have sent you a request on facebook.

Kim said...

love this fun to get to see your gorgeous girls through the years.

i will be sending you a facebook request.


Leah and Maya said...

That was an awesome post, it so fun to see them grow Up its so amazing how fast kids grow and without pictures you just can't imagine. I made Maya a book oft her first 2 years last year, Most of the pictures were from Guatemala and I thoguth that that would be really important later on, she enjoys looking now as well. I will ahve to post some of mine.

Miss Footloose said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and got caught up looking at the gorgeous photos, not only of the girls -- the best of all -- but the other ones as well.

I've lived in Africa for a number of years, Kenya and Ghana, but not in the south anywhere, but would love to go or live there some day. I'll link up with your blog and look forward to seeing more photos and stories!

I hail from the Netherlands, and another thing that caught my attention was your last name, Dijkstra, which is Friesian, which you probably know. (I'm from Friesland.) You didn't mention your nationality, but I'm thinking you're American? I'm married to an American.

Just in case you find it of interest, here's a link to a post on my blog about the town of Sneek, in Friesland. Many Dijkstras in that town!


Miss Footloose
Tales of the Globetrotting Life

Miss Footloose said...

Okay, reading some more I guess you are Dutch! By the way, I lived in Connecticut too for some years, in Norwalk.

Maci Miller said...

They are just gorgeous at every age! So sweet girls too. I was really glad to get to meet them. I love all the cute hats and fashions you put on them too. Of course, they'd look great in anything!!!

Annie said...

How fun to see them growing through the years!


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