Thursday, April 26, 2012

Party Time!!

We celebrated the twins Bday on the day before, since April 27th is FREEDOM day here in South Africa and everybody has a holiday.

So we had double parties, one at school and the BIG one in the evening, more pictures about that later!

The cupcakes and cake I ordered at Kadies baking shop, they can do any theme, color or shape. They are wonderful! The cupcakes and cake (which unfortunately I forgot to take a picture off :-( are RED chocolate inside. I wanted red velvet, but they couldn't do that, but they accomodates with dark chocolate and made it red, looked equally fabulous!!

So we had skulls and black roses with a 'plastic' icing, since the girls don't like all that fluffy frosted cream on top.

The cup cakes were in the party's theme: Rock, Punk & Goth

JJ and her class mates waiting in line to eat
 a cup cake

Jasmine and Juliet were a bit shy when all the kids sang the Bday song for them...

Here is Jasmine with her classmates

Here is Juliet with her classmates, unfortunately her teacher was sick that day :-(
It was a gorgeous day outside, so the Bday party was for both classes outside, the kids had their cup cake and played a bit before the school ended.

A good start for a Bday weekend!
Mireille xx

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Wendy said...

Can't wait for you to post those amazing shot from the party on here! The girls looked AMAZING!


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