Saturday, April 14, 2012

The life of an expat wife...

Being a trailing spouse of an expat husband is not always easy...

You might have to move to a country that doesn't speak your language?

You need to give up your job, say goodbye to all your friends and family...

You need to start all over with doctors, dentist, hobbies and other interests..

You maybe go to a country that is under developed, slow internet, not such good infrastructure... dangerous or in an earthquake or other nature disaster zone..

These are just a few mishaps that you might end up dealing with when you move to the other side of the world.


There are also ADVANTAGES!

And yesterday was just one of those GOOD days as an expat wife!!

12 of us had a fun PAMPER PARTY at HOME! One of my friends, Paige arranged the whole thing so Tshidullo African Day Spa was coming to her house and give us all 12 each 3 spa treatments... so nice!! So bliss!! So heavenly!!

Yes we arranged that the spa ladies come to us! A luxury or what? So we each brought some food and bubbles and got 3 treatments each, while we are reading magazines, having a chat with our besties, and nibbling on the most delicious snacks and of course we slurp it down with some good champagne!

LIFE = not bad at all as an expat wife!!

The 3 treatments we got were: Back & Neck massage with grape seed oil, Facial and an African foot massage and scrub with a warm lavender foot soak, peppermint foot scrub and grape seed oil massage from knees to toes. Hmm.. Hmm... Hmm!!

If you want to book this private Day spa to come to your house for a girls day out or a romantic spa with your husband, contact them on 079-618 3533 or click on the link above to go to their website. And if you click THIS link, you get even a 57% discount on their services via groupon!!

I can promise you it is fun & fabulous!!

Here we are gathering for a drink before our treatments start.

The girls are setting up 3 stations, one for the foot massage, one for the facial and one for the back massage.

They bring everything! Massage tables, towels, products, even soothing music!

Even fluffy bathrobes and slippers, just wonderful!

While they are prepping the areas we are chatting and having our first glass of champagne... it is 10am, but hey somewhere in the world it is 5pm!

The girls are almost done..

And we slip into our robes waiting patiently till we get our first treatment, with bubbles in your hand you are not in a hurry!

So good those foot rubs!

And afterwards we have a great lunch, having those treatments makes you hungry :-)

Nice to know is that Tshidullo African Day Spa won a small business award! So not only we think they are good, some other people agree with us!! Check the info here.

Well, for sure Pheladi and her team are professional, friendly and good at what they do. They found some new fans in us after today!

Book them too, you will not regret it!
Enjoy your weekend!
Mireille xx


Maci Miller said...

Wow, what a wonderful day! Looks divine!!!

Annie said...

Oh Mireille, that is fabulous! You girls must have enjoyed every minute and you deserve a treat too! Just what I need right now!! I will have to dream for now.....

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the photos! I have never had anything like that done before and notice all the expat wives here do so tomorrow I am going to a spa for the first time and having a massage. I am nervous!

I also checked out that gorgeous estate where you live. It is so much like where we are ... just minus the golf course (which my husband would love!)

Sine said...

Like paradise:-)
Such a well-written post. I often do the same, lamenting the new doctors/new internet provider thing, but then realize there are all these expat joys to be had. I've got a whole series blogging about expat joys here in South Africa...


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