Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 10th Bday sweet peas!!

I am still behind a few days, so here is my post about their actual Bday, April 27th. The party is over but the girls had 6 friends to sleep over, so the party was not really over yet....

We planned to go to the movies after breakfast and opening all the gifts and then at midday all the girls would go home again, and we had time to celebrate Jasmine and Juliet's Bday with just the four of us.

What a difference some make up does, here they look again like my 10 year olds.. not like the 15 year olds they looked yesterday!! Happy Bday sweet peas!! We love you very much!!

At 5am the girls with their friends who stayed over for a sleep over opened all these gifts that they got....

After that we all had breakfast together, 8 girls on my breakfast bar :-)

Then later when everybody was gone they opened our gifts, they had to wait quite a while, but it was still the 27th!

Here with daddy, eventhough boyfriends are starting to be interesting, he is still their favorite man in the whole wide world!

And here with mommy... thank you for all the gifts and the FAB party they were saying... at least they still appreciate it all ;-)
It's all behind us, the girls truly enjoyed all the festivities at school and home, and since we only have 1 month left before school finishes the girls have this weekend and the coming weeks so many Bday and Goodbye parties planned it is not funny anymore!!

Only this weekend they have already 3 planned, no wonder these girls know how to party, they get enough practice!!

Double Date, Juliet and Aviv and Jasmine and Ijzac are 'dating' Not standing next to each other though...
from L to R: Ijzac, Juliet, Aviv and Jasmine.
Both their 'boyfriends' are moving away to either home country or another expat location. So saying goodbye is another thing they will be good at after a few years being an expat kid, because this happens all the time as well!

Well, up to 5th grade after the big break off 10 weeks and who knows new boys on the horizon... at least it is still innocent and I hope that it will stay that way for a long long time!! But looking at these social butterflies I am afraid that soon the innocence will be lost ;-(

Have a good day,
Mireille xx

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