Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last day 9

I know I haven't been blogging much and I hope that my readers are not too mad at me... sorry guys, just not in the mood for writing and nothing much happening here. At least in my eyes nothing worthy to write about. But I will promise better...

I haven't been blogging for 1,5 week and the system has completely changed on me, the outlook looks completely different when I type in the text for the body... hope it turns out the same ;-)

Tomorrow is the girls Bday, so last day in the single digits. Tomorrow they will turn 10... TEN!

I can't believe how fast the time has gone, can remember the day we got them so vividly and now almost ten years later.

I just measured and weighed them to see how things are at the moment, well Jasmine is a bit taller, always has been and she is 1.40 mtr/4,5" and Juliet is 1.39 mtr/4,5" and they almost weigh the same as well. Jasmine is 66 lbs/30 kg and Juliet is 65 lbs/29,5 kg and they wear shoe size 3 US and 2 SA. They grew in the last 4 months an inch = 2,5 cm, so that is a good sign that it is still going upwards and not side ways ;-) But you can see that their body is changing, the womanly curves are setting in, a bit more hips and booty and the boobies are slowly coming in as well, a new phase is here!

Here they are on their last day being 9, having breakfast before going to school. Today at school they will serve cupcakes, pictures later and today is the BIG party as well. The girls have off tomorrow for a long weekend so we do the party today, in case some kids go out for a few days to celebrate the long weekend. WE, we just PARTY!!

The scene of the party is Punk, Rock & Goth, and everybody has to be dressed up in either one of these 3 scenes. It will be fun!

We will have a live band and a DJ with a smoke machine, laser lights and all kinds of glow in the dark thingys to make it fun, since we have it outside on the patio between 6-9, so dark and mysterious :-) And there are coming about 30 kids, so busy enough tonight!

The girls have chosen their outfits and go for Goth, black hair, black clothing and black eye make up, it is looking good. Took a while to get those outfits complete and it just reminds me how my future with these two will be... a lot of fussing about hair and outfits!

More pictures tomorrow!
I promise I will be back :-)

Enjoy your day!


Bing said...

They are big gals now! So beautiful.. Happy Birthday JJ and Jezz!

Robin and Kyle said...

have a fun party! glad you're back - i missed reading your posts. =)

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I suck at blogging too right now, not loving the new look of it either. I can't wait to see pictures of thier 10th birthday party, I have never been to a party as cool as the ones you guys always have!
The pictures of the girls for Happy Thai New Year is AWESOME! so so beautiful!


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