Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Up to Holland!

Today we are flying to the Netherlands for 10 days!! (and then we are flying to the USA)

Visiting family and friends, eating some Dutch food, enjoying hopefully the summer weather (this you never know in Holland, it is very unpredictable!) But hopefully we have some nice days so we can enjoy the scenic little towns, the tulips are probably gone by now, but plenty of cows, cheese, wooden shoes is also hard to find these days unless you go to the tourist towns where they still walk around in them, but normal people wear normal shoes these days ;-)

This vacation I am planning to show the girls what the Netherlands is really about, so these pictures we see here they will be experiencing, so not only staying at home with grandma and granddad, NO, we will be a tourist in our own country, because JJ and Jezz haven't really seen this. Before they were too young or the last time (1,5 year ago) we came when it was winter and cold and grey but my dad's 70th Birthday, you don't want to do these tourist things then. So now is a perfect time to show what real Holland is about!

We will see some tulips, but not that many any more, it's more a spring flower, but still there will be plenty around at least at the markets.

Maybe we will buy a new pair of wooden shoes....

The windmills and the tiny houses along the canals in Amsterdam, on our list!

Church in the center, houses around, typical Dutch town.

Plenty of cows, so...

plenty of cheese!! The cheese market in Gouda, on our list!

Bikes everywhere, this is called a bakfiets! A bike with a bakkie.

Our flight is leaving tonight and it takes 11 hours to fly from Johannesburg to Amsterdam!
So more from the Netherlands, next time!!

By for now!
Mireille xx


Sine said...

enjoy the break, Mireille! Just in time to escape this weird winter weather in Joburg with a summer-like thunderstorm in the middle of winter!

Kate said...


I am going to love seeing all of your Dutch photos. My grandmother was from Sweden...and I imagine it looks sort of similar. I love the wooden shoes! :-)

Safe travels to you! I sent you a FB last week...hope you got it! Would still like to meet up if it works out...but I know travel can be unpredictable!



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