Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last day of 3rd Grade...

Last day of school today....

We are having a pillow case signing craft and an ice cream party at school for the kids... and then it is OVER!!

I am always amazed how much a teacher can learn a child in just one school year!!

The amount the girls grew this past year is tremendous!!

So I am thankful for the great teachers Jasmine and Juliet had... I hope next year they will get a good one as well :-)

For me it is always a good sign when my child LOVES her teacher and in both cases that is true.

THANK YOU Mrs. Aurora, you did a great job in giving Jasmine loads of self esteem, love and caring for her on special moments when she needed it most!! Jasmine totally adores you!!

THANK YOU Mrs. Westerbur for being there for Juliet and giving her the confidence she needed! Juliet is in awe of you!

Now we are having a break of school for the next 10 weeks, so we will travel to the Netherlands and the USA for some time off, visiting family and friends, making some great road trips and going to the BEACH!!

Can't wait for the sun, see, sand and fun!!
Enjoy your vacation everybody!!
Hope you will come back rested!

Love, M xx

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Leah and Maya said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!!!
those confessionals were so stinking funny!
I am always surprised with so many people havign aids why there is such a stigma about it and why it isn't more out in the open so more can be done, very very sad.


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