Friday, June 3, 2011

Sewing after Drawing....

I saw these pictures on another blog called: 5 Orange Potatoes and I think it is a gorgeous idea!!

Jasmine and Juliet would love to sew something from what they have drawn, so I am going to show this to them and let there creative juices flow and see what comes out of it.

Maybe as wonderful as this little birdie that Araina the 7 year old daughter of this blog owner made. Who knows!! Not an easy shoe to fill!! I mean look at the details of the stitching, this little girl is amazing in her craft!!

Maybe something for your children to do while they are on a summer break?? The yellow knitted part is from an old sweater, so not that much work or materials. Add some felt and a needle and you are done!
Give it a try, and hey you can make any little animal, not just a bird or a chick!

Get inspired!!

Have a good one,
Mireille xx

1 comment:

Maci Miller said...

oh, that is so darn cute! maybe when Ruby is older we will try something like that. Very sweet idea!


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