Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bye Bye 3rd Grade of AISJ!

The last day of school was on Thursday and the kids had an ice cream social, a pillow case decorating craft and a gathering to take group and class pictures.

A busy but sunny day!! We were lucky to have such nice weather. All the kids were super excited about their last day, some were a bit sad because they are leaving us and moving to another country but all in all the atmosphere was a happy and fun one!

We had tons of ice cream with loads of toppings.

Jasmine, Cathlynn, Juliet and Sophie having fun!

Cathlynn, Juliet, Lara, Natasha & Kim enjoying their ice cream.

A last chat together: Zahra, Emma & Chenika. Good Luck in Singapore Emma! We will miss you!

The decorated pillow cases from JJ and Jezz.

Juliet's class 3A with Mrs. Westerbur.

Class 3B with Mrs. Collins.

Class 3C with Mrs. Turner.

Jasmine's class 3D with Mrs. Aurora.

And the whole 3rd Grade.

Up to 4th grade after the long break of 10 weeks!! Up to a new grade and a new house, so exciting!!

PS: if you like to safe one of these pictures, just click on them, then enlarge and safe to your computer.

Enjoy your vacation all!
Mireille xx

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Wendy said...

AWESOME! Love end of the year parties. Can't wait to be teaching my own 3rd grade classroom next year. 3rd graders are so cool!


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