Thursday, February 24, 2011

~ Colors of India ~

When I think of India... I think of colors! Bright, bold, funky colors!!

Colors of turbans...

Colors of Holi, thinking of the colorful powder they use for the New Year celebration....

Colors of saris... fabrics...

spices.... painted elephants... so many images pop up in my head!

colorful brides with painted hands, gold jewelry.... mystic and romance, a beautiful world!

And LUCKY me, I am going to experience it pretty soon!!

Next month the girls have 1 week off from school and we are going to India, just the 3 of us... to Mumbai and maybe even New Delhi! I am so excited to see this part of the world, which I haven't seen yet!! I can't wait!!

Magnificent Mumbai here we come!!

Thinking of all the beautiful colors, the spices, the fabrics, the food, the people, the sights... such an adventure!! I hope I can capture the beauty of it like I have in my mind!!

I want to visit the markets, eat the street food, taste and bring back the spices, feel the fabrics and be part of the millions of people in the cities. I mean the amount of people it is overwhelming to think about it!! It is a crowded area of the world, but I am excited to be part of it.... next month!! Woohoo!!

Can you tell.I.AM.EXCITED!!

I hope the girls will be as excited as I am... because when we go to Thailand and we visit the markets, most of the time they don't like it... they don't like the smells... they don't like to see the fish and meat in the open air displayed on just a bit of ice... they don't like the amount of people in small areas... BUT I LOVE IT, and guess what since they are coming with ME, they better endure it and LEARN to LOVE it as well!!

Have you been to India, Mumbai or New Delhi, what is it that I can't miss? What is your top 10 of these places?? Tell me, i want to prepare!!

Have a good day,


Maci Miller said...

GORGEOUS!!! Oh, I am so excited for you...and a wee bit jealous, too! Such an exciting place. I am SOOO going there some day.

A lot of contrasts there. The smells may be worse than Thailand from what I hear. But the exotic sites will more than make up for it. Have an AMAZING TIME!!!!

Mireille said...

Yeah, people are telling me all the time about the smells, but as you said the beauty will make up for it, I am sure!! And the food... I can't wait for the food!! I am on a diet now, so I can eat there as much as I want :-)

Gerda said...

Hi Mireille, if you come to Delhi, let me know, I can show you around. Have been here for 15 months and just LOVE India.

Mireille said...

Hi Gerda,
Yes, I am coming to Delhi as well for 2 days, but your profile is not available so I don't know how to contact you?? Please send me a message via FACEBOOK. Look me up: Mireille Dijkstra

Annie said...

These colors, faces, jewelry, clothing are amazing! I love the beauty of it! So excited for your trip to Mumbai. Can't wait to see the photos.


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