Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Disco & Sleep Over

We have a club house at the estate we live in, and they organized a Valentine's Disco. So the girls wanted to go there with a few friends and have a sleep-over after.

They were all very excited, their first dance! Without mommy or daddy in sight! At least for the first 2 hours I let them alone and then I went over there with the excuse to take some pictures, but I was just so curious to see how it went!!

I promised the girls some pizza, since we don't eat that too often, it is still a treat for JJ & Jezz. After pizza it was time to get ready... do hair and make-up! We made little heart pouches for each girl with their own make-up kit as a Valentine's gift. So excited they were to use REAL make-up!! (Glitter eye shadow and lip gloss)

Here all dressed up and ready to go... giggling and giddy! They did their own hair and make-up, I only helped just a tiny bit and was impressed with the outcome! Very subtle make up, no big and flashy eyes, just very girly girl and sophisticated :-)
From L to R: Yuna, Jeongwoo, Jasmine, Juliet & Emma!

I dropped them off and 2 hours later (after Dirk and me had a FAB home cooked meal) I went back to check on them... ahum take some pictures. I had given them each R20=$2 to buy a drink or something to snack on. Excited to have their own money I see they bought themselves some cokes... not allowed in MY house!! One of the girls told me that they were not allowed to drink alcohol... well, I am sure they won't serve it either to you gals, but YES listen to your mom and don't buy alcohol!!

They danced a storm away! The disco was great with colored lights, disco balls and even a smoke machine! So much fun!

Jeongwoo's mom and her son Chan also came for a bit and danced with us.

The Disco was for 6-13 year olds, and there were some bigger boys (about 10-12 years old I guess) who were doing some break dancing and showing off for the girls, so Chan had to try some as well :-)

Then the dancing was finished at least that is what the girls decided, it was time for them to show off as well, so they were doing their gymnastic tricks for the audience... too funny! Soon, nobody was dancing anymore, but all doing their handstands, splits and other acrobatic tricks! LOL

Kids will be kids, what happened to be a sophisticated young lady with the curls in the hair and the make-up?? Suddenly they turned back into regular girls who like to impress their peers.... I guess being 8 years old, you can be BOTH!! LOL

After going home at 21:30 they still had so much energy that they changed into their PJ's and went back practicing acrobatic tricks, so for the next dance they will all be ready to impress even more!!

By 11 it was quite upstairs and the girls were finally asleep....

What a great Valentine's Weekend!

Did you have dances like this when you were young??

Have a good day,


Wendy said...

I was waiting to see pictures of the big event. So cute!

Annie said...

Lovin' the big girls disco party!!! They are having a great time!! I remember fun, dress up, sleepovers when I was a kid, what a hoot!


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