Monday, February 28, 2011

Mumbai & Delhi here we come!!

So the tickets are booked, and we are so excited to visit our friends in Mumbai and Delhi!! YooHoo!!

I am already watching Indian programs on TV, about history, travel and COOKING!! Yes, the most excited about the whole trip is the FOOD!! I just can't wait to eat BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER in India... I don't want any Western food that week, just INDIAN. And as diverse as possible... so I am reading up on it, I want to be prepared!!

And another thing I would LOVE to do is, take a cooking class in Mumbai and another one in Delhi, so I am researching and asking Sucharu and Dhruv for info, because that would be awesome, to do an AUTHENTIC cooking class of the region!!

I am so lucky that my friends are into good food as well... so we share some LOVE here!!

And Dirk will be happy as well, when I come back I can try my new skills on him.... he is already looking forward to that!!

Indian food so much better than the South African... sorry guys here in SA, but it is just the truth!!

So with my research I found this website: A Perfect Bite where Rushina writes about food, but she also does her latest venture: Masala Trails – cuisine-centred food trails across the city. Perfect for me!! A guided tour through the markets of Mumbai!!

Her two hour-long Gujarati trail includes a guided tour of Grant Road market where she points out ingredients like papadi and ponkh (a variety of jowar or millet) and their traditional preparations. She also stops over at farsan, masala and sweet stores where participants can buy green chilli pickle, Surti chaas powder and farsan. Ghildiyal also offers other uses for traditional ingredients. For instance, thin slices of mango ginger and tender turmeric soaked in lemon juice with a slit green chilli makes for a great accompan-iment to Thai green curry and rice. “It’s great for expats looking to understand local ingredients and for people from the city who are interested in experimenting in their kitchens,” Ghildiyal said. The trail ends with a meal at Soam in Babulnath. Neha Sumitran

Call Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal on 98194-66833 for dates and timings. `2,500 per person, including lunch.

So this is one of the trips I am doing in Mumbai, and below I read about Delhi, anybody can confirm with me if this is a good one?? Rupali's Cookery Class, have you heard about her?

Rupali's Cookery Class in Gurgaon, Haryana. I guess close to Delhi?? The article written about her is pretty good :-)

Have a great Monday y'all!

PS: if you know some info that I would be interested in.... food wise... please contact me!!


Free Spirit said...
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Free Spirit said...

I am so happy you get o experience my culture. Although I did want to share with you that Durban has wonderful Indian food. My brother is in Tongaat and if you ever visit you will have to try out the food there.

I hope I get a chance to cook traditional south Indian food for you. Check out my photo album on FB on Indian food ;)

I agree that you eat nothing but Indian food during your trip. Try roti's and puree's,vedas and jambo;s. Oh and Jellebhee...breads and desserts.

Looking forward to your pics.

Mireille said...

I will try it all Easperee!!

plantagenet said...

very interesting. Have fun!!!!

Curly Birds said...

Wow - very cool - I have always wanted to visit India.

Curly Birds said...

Wow - very cool - I have always wanted to visit India.


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