Friday, December 17, 2010

I ♥ Pucca

When I was still living in Thailand and just got the girls in 2002, I found this cartoon character Pucca all over the stores and I fell in love with this cute little girl that reminded me a bit of my cute girls!

So I bought all the shirts, dresses and cute pencils cases, erasers and all the commercial stuff that you can buy in Thailand when something new comes out! But I think I liked it better than JJ and Jezz :-) They weren't that enthusiastic about Pucca as I was. Even now and a few years back when I tried to make the girls hair in those 2 little cute pop tails on top of their heads... just like Pucca... they didn't like it too much... Oh well, I still Pucca, even though the girls are totally over it!

¿Who is Pucca?

Pucca is a media franchise created by the South Korean company VOOZ. Pucca is a young eleven-year-old Chinese girl that lives with her guardians and works in a noodle shop in Sooga Village -- a small village in the mountains. She is in love with a twelve-year-old boy, the ninja Garu. Her love is unrequited and she often chases and kisses him. She will do anything to gain his affections, even though Garu doesn't return her feelings.

Pucca is also a cartoon series, a Korean "manhwa" (Korean comic), Flash series and is featured on merchandise, such as stationary, notebooks, diaries, toys, books, jewelry and many other items. Pucca has gained popularity since its creation and is quite popular in Europe and Asia. After its Disney television series was launced, Pucca has gained something of a cult following in the United States. Pucca's manhwa, cartoons, and animations have been translated in English, Chinese, Spanish and German..

Aww... Jasmine & Juliet as Pucca, at age 3 in their cute Oilily shirts... Cuteness galore!

So what do you think of Pucca? Do you Pucca as well? Or you can't be bothered?? Or do you have another cartoon that you totally adore? Tell me!

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Sofia's Ideas said...

OMGosh! I fell in love with Pucca too! I don't have much left, I think just a keychain of her in a kimono & wood shoes, and another of her in the regular red & black. So cute! :)

k8 said...

I totally heart Pucca too!!! I fell in love with her in Thailand in 2003 and always get Pucca goods when I'm there. Your girls are precious and I love following your story -- we're waiting to bring our "Lucy" home from Thailand sometime this Spring. Thanks for sharing!!

LucisMomma said...

I love Pucca! Never heard of her before your 6 yo DD says, "hey, she (Pucca)looks like me!" :) I'll have to look up some items for my DD.

Maci Miller said...

oh, I see my comment never got on here...not sure why. Anyway, this Pucca is so sweet. And the girls look so so so adorable in that old shot! Funny cause I just did Ruby's hair like that last week!


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