Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Dutch twist to the holiday season....

You probably know that Dirk and me are from the Netherlands, but we haven't lived there since 1999. However, we still spike our lives with Dutch traditions and one of those old traditions in Holland during this Christmas season in our house was drinking 'een advokaatje' a stronger version of egg nog, it is a rich and creamy liqueur made from eggs, sugar and brandy. It has a smooth, custard-like flavor. Especially the older ladies in the household LOVED it!! They would sit by the fireplace during the holiday season and have a tiny glass and nibble with a small spoon out of their sinful treat :-)

But what they also would do is give little spoonfuls to kids as well... probably when my mother was not looking, and me and my brothers would get the opportunity to get high on this thick custard!

These sneaky old ladies were probably trying to sedate us little kids so we were not too loud, I bet that is why they did it!!

But coming back to this drink: ADVOCAAT I was thinking to try this again, but now as an adult, it is totally an old-fashioned drink in my eyes... but old times revive in fashion, so why not in drinks... so I did some research and found these yummy versions, which I am definitely going to try this holiday season!

Sunday treat: Coffee with an Advocaatje!

Above the old fashioned version, below some mixes and newer concoctions!!

Dutch Breakfast

1 measure Gin
1 tsp Galliano
1 measure Advocaat
0.5 measure sugar syrup
0.5 measure lemon juice
0.5 measure lime juice
Shake all ingredients together with ice and strain into an ice-filled glass.

Dutch Coffee

1 measure Advocaat
1 cup black coffee
Allow the coffee to cool for one minute. Stir in the Advocaat and add sugar to taste.

Dutch Courage

1 measure Gin
1 measure Advocaat
6 measures Apple juice
1 measure lemon juice
Shake all ingredients together with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

Dutch egg custard martini

2 measures standard Vodka
0.5 measure Bourbon
0.5 measure Vanilla Vodka
1 measure Advocaat
1 measure sugar syrup
Stir all ingredients with ice, in a cocktail shaker and strain into a Martini glass.

So if you like to give this Holiday Season also a Dutch twist, go to the liquor store and buy yourself a bottle of Advocaat and go for these yummy drinks, you will LOVE it!!.... just like those sneaky old ladies in my family!!

I am going to give it a try this vacation! It will bring back loads of memories!! Tell me one of your best memories of the holidays when you were a child! I like to hear about it!

Have a good Sunday!


Wendy said...

"Spike"--an interesting choice of words! Hope you're enjoying all the many ways you celebrate the holidays!

Mireille said...

Indeed Wendy, since this is the season of drinks and parties galore for us... we need to spike it up! :-) But actually we already have many parties planned for Jan and Feb, so we are good to go for another 2-3 month.... so hard for me to loose my unwanted lbs with all those parties planned.... But life is too short to not enjoy it!! haha... its the party season here in the Dijkstra household!!

Annie said...

What a delightful fun and old traditional idea! Do you think they sell Advocaat here in the states? It would be fun to try and make one of your recipes for our Christmas party!

Mireille said...

I am sure you can find it in a better/bigger liquor store Annie. It's pretty well known this drink...

Leah and Maya said...

Those sound like pretty smart "old" ladies, trying to knock you kids out i think. I have to say, since I"m not one to try things I haven't even ever drank egg nog it makes me what to throw up with just the name. I"m sure if it were mixed like some of these recipes I could get past it, or just to re name it would help.
I just like some peppermint shnaps in the hot chocolate.

domesticwormhole said...

Mmmmm. I love advocaat. I'd forgotten all about it. Time to head to the store...


Mireille said...

Go for it Robin, you will re-kindle with this spirit!


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