Sunday, September 26, 2010

Camping in Limpopo

This weekend we went with 3 other families to Kwalata Wilderness camp. We had a great time! The lodge was just beautiful, rustic and rugged, but ideal for 8 adults and 11 children!!

The lodge was build in a circle, the main house had 7 bedrooms, a kitchen, extra showers for girls and boys. A huge boma with a campfire in the middle and a bar area with a breakfast table, seating and entertainment area. Then a big garden with a nice size pool and an overview at a watering hole, which we were hoping we would see some wild animals drinking from it, but I guess we were too noisy and we didn't end up seeing any animals there....

We stayed 2 nights, and each family made a meal, so there was no pressure on any of us, just prepare either breakfast, lunch or dinner and then you are done for the weekend. We of course had all the dinners on the huge wood fire, because that is what you do in the bush!

But we also made stock bread on the fire and roasted marshmallows and s'mores on the fire, one of the highlights of all the kids!

Here the kids around the fire place in the boma. Jakob, Joachim, Tobias, Noah, Elliot and Chan were the boys.

The girls are: Clara, Jeongwoo, Juliet, Jasmine and Friia, but in this picture below you will see also Elliot & Chan.

The second day we all went on a safari, it was a fun drive, although we didn't end up seeing that much animals, just the drive through the Waterberg reserve is nice. We only saw some Blesbucks, Impalas, Kudus, Gemsbucks and lots of Giraffes, which I think are one of the finer animals anyway!! So gracious, I love to see them!!

But just to hang out with all these friends and their children hanging out with each other, doing games, dance and sing together while sitting around a huge campfire at night and during the day just hanging out around the pool, having some good meals and fab drinks was already enough to make this weekend a FAB weekend!!

This is the fun part of living in South Africa, you are so close to nature, bush veld savannah is only a few hours drive from our home, so it is easy to go away on a weekend trrip and feel you are totally out of the city and enjoy and relax in complete silence in the bush. This bush camp lodge was so far away from everything, the only thing that surrounded us were the wild animals. Although they were hiding from us...

A nice and relaxing long weekend...

What did you do during the weekend?
Ciao, Mireille


Wendy said...

I did not do THIS over the weekend! We went to a fair and saw cows and sheep, not lions and giraffes!

This is camping I could definitely get into! Fabulous!!!

Maci Miller said...

Well, I didn't do anything THIS exciting! LOL! Oh, funny, I just looked over and saw your other commenter, Wendy, said the same thing! Haha! We went to a friends house for a play date and did a little local fair where Ruby got her face painted like a koala bear and was in heaven! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! So nice!

Annie said...

Ok. Really? NOT FAIR. Every time I stop by your blog you are doing and seeing amazing things! I can't take it anymore. I want to cry. I love your life! Well, and I love you and your family too, so it's kinda hard to hate you. :)


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