Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Day The Towers Fell...

I am remembering..... and realize that the world changed THAT day!

The Day The Towers Fell

A sad day for America
as rejoicing rang from hell
awakening a mighty giant
the day the towers fell.
Our hearts were saddened
as we watched this vicious act unfold
as innocence met a fiery death
and seeds of war were sowed.
Shouts rang out from the middle east
that Allah has done his good
but no God joys in faultless deaths
though certain cowards could.
America just sort of glides along
but don't step on her toes
for her belief in right and justice
will stomp out freedoms foes.

Author Unknown

We must never forget!


Wendy said...


I wrote about this today, too. Were you in CT at the time? If so, you must have known people who worked in the towers. My neighbor did (she stayed home from work that day). Ever notice how every year the weather is exactly the same? So strange.

Emm said...

I agree with Wendy - it seems like the weather patterns are frozen in time when you watch the services.

I also agree with you Mireille that the world changed that day.

Mireille said...

I was living in Thailand at the moment... it was so surreal when I saw it live on the TV. For some reason we had the TV and eating dinner... since it was 12 hours difference... remember the moment so vividly!
I never noticed that about the weather, but now you say it Wendy, yes indeed!


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