Wednesday, September 15, 2010

* Freak or Geek? *

Remember those sweet little innocent faces.....

Then the teenage years start to kick in, and the girls want to have one of these....

And to even it out, the other one comes home with this...

On top of that, their boyfriend looks like one of those...

Or maybe even like this?

What would you do??

Rather have a FREAK or a GEEK as a son in law??

I am dreading those times ahead of me....
My mother always told me: "You get what you deserve!" ... and she meant it in a way that sooner or later it is pay back time!
She said this because I gave her a REAL hard time when I was a teenager.

Although I didn't look like a freak or a geek, my hair was purple, or cherry red, or greenish and my clothes were very very colorful, but in a way you don't really want them to mix. I am thinking of dragon green with deep purple or bright orange, vintage pumps with 10-inch heels that I sawed off, so the nose would tip in the air, because now the design of the shoe is completely gone, and this all wearing on a regular day to SCHOOL!!

So I have my time cut out for me... having DOUBLE the FUN in a FEW years!!
Let me tell you in advance... I will have a hard time!

But I need to let go and let them explore, be themselves and let them FIND themselves. Experimenting is good, finding out who you are doesn't come in ONE day.... It can takes YEARS!!

Please GOD, let my children stay those SWEET little innocent girls and don't let them come home with a boyfriend till they are THIRTY and they have a good sense of themselves and know who they are and who fits well with them before these FREAKS or GEEKS ruin my innocent girls!!

These thoughts are running through my mind... did you have such experiences with your sweet innocent girl?? Or where they just GOOD girls, who like to dress up just the way you like to see them??

Tell me!! I NEED to KNOW!!

Have a good day... I will... I am still fine.. with 2 sweet innocent EIGHT year olds :-)


Leah and Maya said...

I think I will take the geek. I was pretty dang good and liked normal stuff and wasn't really into school so my mom got off easy. My friend had electirc blue hair, loved to party has yher nose pierced like a bull, ets and her parents did not raise her that way so I think it part of the personality. Scary though very scary, yes no dating until 30!

plantagenet said...

Oh dear, you will see, when it comes to it, its much later probably 14 to 16 years? One day my daughter came home with an Iroquois haitdo in green and blue... well, actually she looked not bad as she has a wonderfully shaped head. However she did it in winter and I couldn't resist laughing as she had to wear something on the head because of the cold! I asked her why she didnt wait for summer. So she was disappointed (being 15) about my reaction and thought I couldn't be shocked by anything.
Well, she forgot I was the 68 generation and I belonged to the people that my parents used to warn me to become like them....
So take it easy. There are fashions that the kids want to follow like all others, a contradiction to the aim of individuality.
But in that age you cannot discuss. You're either right or wrong, black or white.
I personally think those heavy piercings are on the edge of mutilation and esthetically I have a problem with it, also with body covering tattoos. By then I would be interested WHY they would want to do that and what does it to their self esteem? I did not ask myself, what had I done wrong because I am convinced in this age ANYTHING you do is 'wrong' in their eyes, so its about staying cool and in my eyes it is allowed to just loose your temper!!!! don't be nice, be yourself

Wendy said...

This is what I've learned as the mom of a teenager (who almost isn't a teenager anymore)...if I raised a responsible, respectful, tolerant, loving, caring young woman, I don't care if she is a freak or a geek or if she dates either one. As long as she's happy, not hurting anyone, and not judgemental of others, I'm cool with that. Fortunately, Becky has awesome style, but she has a couple of interesting friends--male friend--who wear mascara and eyeliner, for instance. They're super kids who do a better job with their make up than I do!

Becky wants a tattoo and her belly button pierced for her birthday. Not much I can do at this point!

Mireille said...

Oh my, you are just telling me let it go, because you can't much do about it?? We will see I have a hard time with that. I like to be in CONTROL!

Wyndee said...

I plan on locking my girls in the house when they reach the age of 12 and not letting them out until they're 21. ;-)

Maci Miller said...

The geek! He will end up most successful in business, haha! I gotta tell you if Ruby wants to pierce her tongue I will absolutely FREAK! I think it's the gross-est thing ever! Hair color and fashion fun is all fine with me but serious tatooing and crazy piercing...not so much. Just hoping the little miss makes the right choices some day!

Mireille said...

Yeah, the geek for me too Jen! The beauty and the geek, not such a bad combination :-)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Just found your blog and look forward to reading more about you5 crazy fun funky family and your adventures.

I'm the mama of 3 young adult ladies (and 3 young adult men) ... ages 20, 21, 21, 23, 25, 26. I'm also the mama of 3 younger ladies and 3 younger men ... ages 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17.

While my oldest son did his best to embarrass his mama (with crazy hair, chains hanging all over, tattoos, and piercings) ... he is really a GREAT "kid". He's still got some growing up to do, and I'm glad he didn't rush into marriage with the multitude of other crazy, immature young adults that he has hung out with. But, I am trusting that he will grow and mature and become an amazing husband and father to some lucky young lady. So, I guess I would be sad if a young lady's mama and papa judged him by his outward appearance, rather than getting to know his heart and passion for life.

On the other hand ... my other 5 young adults have definitely grown up as the "good kids". Some a little more crazy than others ... and some a little more nerdy than others. But, very much the "good kids" on the block.

We are planning our first wedding in December, and looking at the probability of 3 more weddings in the coming year. Yikes! Each of these young adults has found a wonderful person to spend the rest of their lives with, and we are very excited about this.

You do not have to dread the teen and young adult years. They can be WONDERFUL and AMAZING as you grow into deep friendships with your children.

(also the mother of twin girls)


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