Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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It's National Daugher's Week... and it got me thinking.

3 Years ago...
They were still so small, only 5 years old, but without any inhibition in front of the camera... that is different these days! More aware of their environment and opinions of others. I wonder how it will be in another 3 years, when they are 11??

Do you have daughters and how are they developing, getting more shy or just the opposite and more confident of themselves?

What has the environment to do with it? The country you are living in? How do they see and treat girls? How much has the TV and other media an impact on the role of girls? Pop culture? The World Wide Web? Is it easier to be a girl these days, or harder / more pressure??

What do you think of Lady Gaga and all those other celebs like Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus... a good influence for girls or not?? Being young and pretty is not enough these days anymore, you have to be famous as well?? Right or Wrong??

Let's hear how you feel about it! What has changed since you were a girl?

Have a good day!


Wendy said...

I tagged you in my blog post today!

Lily is totally uninhibited. I think kids get way more inhibited as they get older due to peer pressure, mostly.

As for Lady Gaga...Becky and Lily both love her music.

Paris? Miley? Um...no!

Mireille said...

We all love lady Gaga as well, but are not into Miley or Paris, so same here!

Wendy said...

Well, Gaga is actually a very talented woman; she was supposed to go to Julliard when she was only sightly older than your girls. She may be weird, but her music is uniquely her own (I love it). Paris Hilton is just a pathetic wreck of a human whom no one would pay an iota of attention to if she weren't rich. As for Miley? Ugh! Her voice is dreadful and she cannot act to save her life. I'm not feeling the love for Taylor Swift either.

Missy said...

Good post, Mirielle! For us, Paige has become much more outgoing and uninhibited as she has gotten older. I miss the days of her being shy and hanging on to my leg when a stranger would approach, however, it is nice to see her be able to interact with others and have her own opinion.
We love Lady Gaga! She is a little kooky :), but we love her music. I think our girls face so many obstacles and my hope is that they continue to break barriers and be their own people.

Leah and Maya said...

not much input for this one. Maya is still 3 almost 4 so to her the world is wonderful and she doens't recognize all that junk, yet.......
I don't know if its better of worse. It seems like there more peer pressure to be thin and beautiful but when I walk around I see a ton of over weight girls with their belly's hanging out.
No doubt all the media will play more of a role, it just wasn't around when we were young ( I mean computers etc).

Annie said...

Christina is 15 and becoming a more confident young woman. However, I do have dialogue with her on a regular basis to just see how she is doing and feeling about school, friends, self image, etc.
Lady Gaga - super talented. We do listen to her, but at a certain age the kids hear all about her major issues. They often joke about how she is always so strung out that she can't even talk right and she has hit people on several occasions in public. Not a joke and not cool and I will say so.
Miley- Talented for her age, sure, fun. Certainly not my type of music, but so far a marginally good role model.
Paris- UGH! Yuck.
I don't think there is any peer pressure to be thin anymore. Many of the teenagers at my daughter's high school are quite overweight and not at all afraid to show as much as possible. Too much. More than you would ever hope to see. :)
It's tough out there for teens. Keep talking, keep being aware of every thing they are doing and with whom!


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