Monday, September 20, 2010

14th Anniversary!

We had a busy but fun weekend!

First on Friday night we had 5 couples over for some Friday night drinks. I decided to have an Asian theme, so we made Singapore Slings, Beijing Bellini's and Red Lotus' to start off with. Dirk also bought some Indian, Japanese, Chinese and some other Asian beers. And the snacks were all Asian, like Chinese sausage & wasabi and sesame nuts, some dumplings and wasabi salmon on crackers. We even had some chicken feet to nibble on, but we didn't dare to try them, it looked too scary!
A fun night, but we ended up all having a major headache the next day, so that was a resting day.... while the girls had a Bday party in Gold Reef City an amusement park located on an old gold mine, so it was very convenient for us to have them not around.... ;-)

And yesterday we had a picnic at the Rhino and Lion park with 9 other families and their children, in total we were with 40 people! We all brought food and meat to braai, drinks and snacks, so we had PLENTY! First we drove through the enormous park and saw Rhinos, Lions, Ostriches, Wildebeest, Buffalo's and some different kind of Bucks and Impalas. So great to see all those wild animals so close to our house. Just 30 minutes drive.

We even saw some cabins you can rent and stay in the park for a few days, that would be fun. The girls immediately wanted to do that next weekend, but we already have some other camping plans for next weekend! Equally as exciting!

Then we headed over to the braai areas. Each has their own picnic table with grill, in total there are probably 30 of these braai areas, and it was packed!! Full of people having a fun time, grilling their own meat, having drinks and chats, while the children play at the playground or go to the petting area, where you can see snakes, and baby lions.

We had this huge ugly looking stork standing next to our food... and we tried to chase it away.. but it would NOT go!! We were quite scared of it and didn't know what kind of bird it was at first.. we thought a vulture, but now I know it is a marabou stork (also called ugly old man)... so maybe one of our families is having a baby soon!! LOL

We had such a fun day! And we are planning to do these kind of BBQ's or Braais as we call it here in SA more often!!
We celebrated our 14Th anniversary with lots of friends, so a great time to remember!!

Tonight we will celebrate it only with the 4 of us with pink champagne (that's what we had in 1996 after we said our vows in the City Hall of Breda, the Netherlands). I even promised the girls they could have a sip, they are so excited!

Up to the next 14 years, I wonder if we can top all the adventures and travels we made these last 14 years.... We will see what life will bring us :-)

Have a good week!


Leila said...

Hey Mireille, you should write a book about all your journeys. I'm sure, you'll find a lot of interested readers.... like me!
... and you write so nicely, I like to read all your stories.

Best regards to the whole family.

Wendy said...

I just love your life, Mireille! What a fun weekend--with animals that were free, not locked in tiny cages! Can't wait to get there myself; your animal photos are absolutely gorgeous--and no bars!

Hope you have a wonderful anniversary; Bob and I are together 14 years this year as well (Halloween, actually). Many, many more happy, adventurous years to you and Dirk and the girls!

Maci Miller said...

As fun as you both are, I'd say you are heading for even more fabulous times in the future! Glad you had such an amazing weekend. I love that pic of you two and love your Asian themed party. That animal park looks wonderful too. So fascinating, I bet, to be out in the wild like that with the animals so close!

Leah and Maya said...

I can't wait to read about what you two can do together in the next 14 years, you certainly have had an exciting time so far.
Sounds like a cool party, I was so suprised at how "Tame" your wedding was, so posh, no tellings of the travels to come.

Mireille said...

My wedding was far from tame.. this was just the official part, then the PARTYING started from mid day to next morning.... NO even then we were NOT tame!! We had already lived in 3 other countries by that time! The USA, Spain & Greece.... We lived together for 5 years before we got married, so actually I am almost 20 years together with Dirk!


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