Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend at the South Coast

Just like last year we went to the beautiful coast of Durban. Last year we went to the North Coast, to Sheffield Beach, if you can't remember see here. This year we went to the South Coast, although not as popular by mass tourism, we like it much better. The beaches are endless and so beautiful. I mean even the North Coast is gorgeous, but more developed already, we like the places on the off beaten track and that is definitely the South Coast! We stayed at Leisure bay, one of the most unspoilt and the most picturesque beaches in this area.

Look at this, hardly a person on the beach, beautiful rock formations, great for the kids to play on and find little crabs and fishes. The water nice and warm and no 'hutje mutje' like in Holland on the beach. No we had it all to ourselves!!

And this is how the crowded beaches in Holland look like, 'hutje mutje' (means: like a sardine in a can) on the beach!

Juliet made a snow man from sand, so proud of herself :-)

One day it wasn't so sunny, so we decided to drive to Durban, one of the bigger cities here in SA. And we went to uShaka Marine World, it has a huge aquarium and it looks like you are walking in a replica of a sunken cargo steamer from 1920. Very cool!

Since we are in Kwa-Zulu Natal or Zulu land we also met some Zulu warriors, which was particular nice at this moment because the girls are learning everything about the Zulu's at school now.

They learned at school that if a Zulu guy wants to marry a girl they have to pay 20 cows to the parents of the girls. Jasmine and Juliet found that that was quite a steep price! Dirk told them that their future husband has to give at least a house on the beach in Thailand for 1 girl and a nice sports car convertible for the other... they were quite for a moment and had to think about this! LOL

The dolphin show was really great, JJ and Jezz really loved seeing the gentle animals!

The feeding of the turtles was another highlight of the day.

Much more pictures I don't have unfortunately since my camera was stolen, these were taken on Dirk's little camera. At least some memories left of our fabulous weekend! Although some bad luck we have a lot to be thankful for!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend as well!


Miss Footloose said...

Great pictures, little camera or not! Loved the comparison of the beaches -- the hutje mutje one of Holland. They're even worse in some parts of Italy where the beach chairs are numbered and lined up as if in a theater! In front of hotels they go with your room, so you always have the same chair in the same spot ...

South Africa is so beautiful. I keep hoping dh comes up with an interesting contract there!

Emm said...

What a stunning post and I love your photos! I'm sorry your camera got stolen... how awful! And Dirk's clothes too. Yuk! Were you at least insured??

I've always preferred the South Coast, I must be honest.

Maci Miller said...

Such cool experiences the girls have learned. Love all the pics.


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