Thursday, December 3, 2009

Xmas cards...

I am working on my Xmas cards and looking through my addresses realizing that I made quite some new friends through this wonderful world of blogging and moving to a new country. So there are a lot of you out there who I don't have a mailing address from. I would really love to send you a Xmas card, since that is almost the only snail mail that I am getting and loving to get, you probably feel the same.
By the way: I got this idea from my blogging friend Missy; she writes a wonderful blog about her life and in particular showing the most beautiful pictures of her sister Paige who is adopted from China I believe. See here.

This is a test/warm-up picture we took before starting with the Xmas set... the girls always need a bit of time to get comfy in front of the camera...

So please send your address to my email and I will gladly add you to my list! You can find my email here on the right, make sure you use the telkom address!

Are you working on your Xmas card and you don't have me yet on your list, you can find my details also on the right side of my blog. Hopefully a lot of you get this hint and I will receive tons of cute and beautiful cards... I just love to get one of yours :-)

Have a Fabulous Friday! I am off to a Craft sale, need to do some Xmas shopping :-)

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