Friday, May 7, 2010


Cool pics!!

Magazine: D Mode
Stylist: Laurean Ossorio
Models: Mey Bun, Rila Fukushima & Ai-li Wang
Make Up: Bryan Zaragoza
Hair: Brian Buenaventura
Photography by: Herring&Herring


April said...

Crazy pictures girlfriend!! Love the colors!

Hey, did you hear about the recent discoveries they have made to prevent elephants from ruining farmers fields?

They have found that elephants are terrified of bees and even emit a low frequency warning to elephants around them! They think they will be able to string up hives along fields to prevent elephants from wandering into fields and that it may also help with human/elephant (unintended interaction) run ins.

I just thought you might find this interesting since you travel so often in Africa.
Have a great weekend!!

Wendy said...

Love, love, love these photos. The colors are stunning and the models are equisitely beautiful.

Maci Miller said...

Very cool! You always find the most interesting stuff!

Mireille said...

Interesting discovery April!! Thanks for sharing!


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