Monday, May 17, 2010

Project at AISJ ~ American International School of Joburg

By the way; the weekend did turn out a bit different than I planned, so haven't tried the no-knead bread yet... will give an update later, when it is done ;-)

About 2-3 weeks ago the girls had a project at school, to make a 'little machine' and write/draw about it and then give a speech and explanation how the machine works, to the other students of the elementary classes and of course to all the parents who would come and visit.

Dirk was not home at that time, he was stuck in Europe because of the ash cloud out of Iceland, so I had to help to make the project. I waited until the last day, just hoping that Dirk would come back on time to help the girls with the whole project, but of course I was not lucky in this department and yes, it was upon me and the girls to build this little machine...

Eventually they made a good presentation about their 'CRANE', they had to include some technical words they had learned and on the poster in front of their table they made a technical drawing how everything works together and that this machine makes life easier, is good for the environment etc... etc..

Project well done!!

Here some pictures of that day...

Juliet with her 'crane' explaining how it works...

Jasmine with the same project, I am not that technical enough to create 2 different ones.... especially in 1 day!!

And here some other children of their class, with some amazing projects.. there are some handy moms and dads out there ;-)

I was impressed to see all the different machines the kids (and their parents) made! Although this project needed some help from the parents the children still learned a lot about how machines work, and in the end that is the goal of this whole project!

Learning while having fun creating!! Great job to the teachers for making learning so fun, well done!!

Have a great week y'all!

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Maci Miller said...

Good job! Gee I hope Jeff is home when we get those kind of projects or Ruby's in trouble! LOL!


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