Thursday, May 13, 2010

Argentina vs Mexico!

AISJ, the American International school, organized a Mini World Cup Soccer last week. And Jasmine's class was the Mexican team and Juliet's class was the Argentinian team. So they had to dress in the colors of their country. Jasmine in Green/White/Red and Juliet in White/Light Blue.

And guess what it turned out that they had to play against each other, so I was cheering for both, but knew already that only 1 could be the winner!

First all the teams from the elementary school gathered together on the soccer fields and paraded with 'their' flag. Here comes SA.

My friend Schuyla's daughter Cherokee (with the red/white/blue bandanna) was playing for the USA and they did a little cheering dance, so cute!

The whole class was playing at once, so not just 11 players in the field, but about 15-16 on 1 team... a lot of kids running behind 1 ball! LOL

Although Jasmine & her friend Zahra rather stayed behind and chatted away... not really interested to run behind the ball!

It was definitely the boys of the teams who did most of the work, and the girls were meeting now and then for a chat..

And mind you, the game was only 15-20 minutes, but running behind a ball in the sun is exhausting....

Argentina won with 3-1, but of course it helped a lot that 2 mothers; Dunke & Patricia were cheering them on with the flag, so much more motivated was the class of JJ to win!!

Another fun day at school! Does the school of your children do fun stuff? What was the latest they organized?

Have a Terrific Thursday!

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