Friday, March 12, 2010

DOT ~ Diversity On the Table.

I am part of a cooking group; DOT (Diversity On the Table) and every month we have a cooking class.

Yesterday I had a Nigerian cooking class, and our teacher was Dunke. We are a group of 9-11 women, some are a bit more regular than others. Since we have 7 different nationalities there is a lot to learn between us. So each of us cooks and teaches their favorite weekday dinners, things that are easy to cook and things that the kids like. Or things that we request, since we had it once at their house and we just LOVE it!

So far we had a Vietnamese, Pakistan, Korean and Nigerian lesson. And we have so much fun, we talk, cook, eat and laugh a LOT! Since our backgrounds are SO different we have a lot to talk about and I don't know why but in a combination with food preparing, hanging out in the kitchen a lot of topics come floating by and we LAUGH and share a lot of intimate details, so this group is such a great moment in the month, I am always looking forward to it!

Let me introduce you to my friends (from L to R)

Maryam (Nigeria), Candice & Marta (Brazil), Tehmina (Pakistan), Stella (Korea), Dunke (Nigeria), Hyun (Korea), Felicity (Swaziland) and me (Dutch). The only one missing in this picture is Schuyla and she is from the USA.

Yesterday was no exception to the rule: we start at around 9:30 am and I got home after 3, we learned to make a

Chicken & Beef stew in a tomato sauce
Dried & smoked fish stew with palm oil
Jollof rice with hot scotch bonnet peppers
Cooked brown beans
Garri drink
Yam chips and boiled Yam
Chin Chin for dessert

Of course normally you don't eat ALL of these dishes at once, that would be too much work and also too much food, but we had a taste of everything and it was DELICIOUS! So now we have a good feeling how Nigerians eat and I must say they have a great cuisine!!

Thanks Dunke for this wonderful lesson and yummy food, we all had a great time!!

Today I need to pack for our Beach & Mountains trip that we are leaving for tomorrow morning, but first it is time for a haircut, mani and pedi... so busy enough again!!



Nichole and Craig said...

Wow, what an awesome idea to start the cooking group. It must be so great to have all those different nationalities in your area.

Megan said...

Sounds like a fun fun idea! And to have all those nationalities together is great!! You all look mighty fancy to be cooking in the kitchen though, I must say!! Have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...


Maci Miller said...

What a GREAT group and fun idea for a cooking group. Just love it! Looks like a fab time was had by all and a great meal, too! Now can you just move to MY neighborhood???

Annie said...

What a great group to have class with! What fun!


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