Monday, March 29, 2010

Skipping... a new & trendy way to get around

Hello y'all,

Did you have a good weekend? Dirk was still in Dubai and me and the girls did movie weekend, we saw quite a bit.
First we saw 'How to train your Dragon' this was a 3D version and it was really cool! Then the girls saw New Moon on video that just came out here in SA and they were sooo excited to finally see that one... although it is a bit scary the girls LOVED it!
And then we went again to the movie theatre and while the girls saw 'Tooth Fairy' I went to see "It's Complicated' with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, wow that was such a funny movie, you HAVE to go and see it!! It is just hilarious!!

And while I was googling around I stumbled on this video about a new trend in Holland ;-) and thought it was so funny I have to share it with you! It shows us a great way of moving around in a 'green mode'. It doesn't cost anything and it goes as fast as a bike! (I am proud of the Dutch ;-)

So go out today and try it!! You can't go out and skip and not smile!!

Happy Skipping Day!


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