Wednesday, March 31, 2010

EASTER and my memories of it

When I think about Easter, I think about these things below..

As a child we would always go to my Oma's (Grandmother's) house in our new Easter dress, so proud of our new clothes, since in those days you didn't get as much clothes as my children get these days!!

We, my brothers and nephews would run like crazy through her garden to find the chocolate and hard boiled colored eggs that were hidden in her garden by the Easter bunny. All of us would have a basket full and we would eat a nice Brunch with Easter bread, salmon, the colored hard boiled eggs, tea and other yummy treats like lamb meat, asparagus, young potatoes. All these foods remind me of Easter and Spring.

We also decorated the house with an Easter tree, this is a willow branch decorated with hollow eggs that are colored and some small birds and butterflies. We would always have the house full of daffodils, hyacinths and tulips that grew in my oma's garden. Easter meant for me the beginning of spring, although it still could be quite chilly but pastel colors are the colors of Easter to me!

I am keeping up with the tradition and baking some Easter bread with the girls on Friday and coloring some hard boiled eggs and decorating the Easter tree. We will have so much fun.

Living in SA and having so much friends from different cultures I realize that Easter is celebrated in so many different ways, some even don't celebrate Easter because in the Muslim religion there is no Easter celebration. I am hosting a Easter brunch on Easter Monday with a group of international friends and we will have dishes from all over the world, it will be an interesting Easter this year!

Have a Happy Easter y'all!


plantagenet said...

lovely, Mireille, how nice, thanks for sharing

Wendy said...

We had an Easter tree when I was growing up too! You just reminded me of it! I LOVED it.

Annie said...

What a nice memory to share, Mireille! Sounds like a wonderful tradition.

Maci Miller said...

Beautiful photos and all the things that remind me of Easter, too! Just love spring!


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