Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 27th: Happy Birthday to my sweet Princesses!

I wanted to post this yesterday, but my internet connection went bad after my haircut post, so I have to do it now....

My sweet little babies turned 7 yesterday on SA Freedom Day! 7 years ago I had no clue of their existing yet and now they are my sweet little big babies!! I only met them for the first time when they were 9 weeks old. My heart and thoughts went out to the Bmother yesterday, not knowing she was carrying twins on that day she went to the hospital to give birth.
When JJ came out and the afterbirth didn't come (the doctor had walked away already) suddenly the nurse called him back... another one is coming out! So 10 minutes later Jezz was born. They weighed respectively 2,1kg/4lb&6oz and 2kg/4lb&4oz. The lenght I am not sure about. Both healthy and happy ;-)

So yesterday, since it was a public holiday, we celebrated together with a super duper breakfast and opening their gifts. Happy campers they were when they saw all their wrapped packages on the breakfast table.

The day before we had set up a new trampoline already, it was hard to keep that as a surprise because it is so huge.

Then in the afternoon we had a Princess Tea Party at a venue here in town. The girls were all day excited to go and meet their friends, dress up as a Princess and have tea, games and Princess food. It was so much fun, and all the girls were excited to be a Princess for a day. The highlight of the party was to meet a 'real' princess that joined the party the whole time. JJ and Jezz had chosen a snow princess to be the guest of honor and so it was. The highlight of the party was when the cake came out, it was a Barbie doll with a big skirt that was the cake. As soon as the princess starting cutting the cake and the legs became visible all the girls yelled out.... she is naked underneath!! So much fun, what else did they thought she would be.. fully dressed?? Later the barbie with a set of clothes was the bonus of the day.

In the evening we went out for dinner and since the people in the restaurant know us all, they all came out and sang for the girls and they had vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge. Spoiled rotten are these 2 little princesses, but we enjoyed watching them, glowing from joy, excited about all the special attention just for the 2 of them! And my mind wandered off again to this lady I don't know much about but feel a strong bond with. How did she spend the day today... miles away on the other side of the world? Wondering if the girls are OK, feeling happy and sad at the same time? My heart goes out to her, but I know that we will meet again....

Happy Birthday my sweet little angels!

We love you so much!
Mommy & Daddy


rosemary said...

What a fantastic birthday party! What girl could ask for more and what mother could ask that more love be given to her children? Congratulations on their turning 7!

plantagenet said...

Happy birthday party, that can be seen. Like the haircut and the 'naked' Barbie!!! wonderful pics, yeah.
Maybe the Bmother doesnt even think about them? Not to think, anyway.....
There will be a time, when its time to meet.... you are doing a great job, I am proud of you (although it sounds a bit funny, but thats how I feel!)Love ginster:)

Ellie said...

Such a beautiful party! And what an amazing birth story! Happy Birthday, Girls! Love the new hair cuts!

Kimi said...

What a great birthday celebration!

Happy be-lated Birthday to your beautiful girls!


Jessica said...

Fun, fun, fun. That's hilarious about the naked Barbie. She comes with her feet arched for heels, why shouldn't she be dressed at all times?!? Happy BD girls.

Jen and Jeff said...

Oh, that is so great! What a wonderful birthday for JJ and Jezz! I love the princess theme and how the girls were all dressed in costume! How fun!


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