Friday, April 3, 2009

Cozy and snug together...

Jasmine and Juliet have each their own twin bed, but that is not close, cozy and snug enough for the girls. So each night, Jasmine takes her pillow and moves over to Juliet's bed and they sleep together.

We fostered the girls since they were 3 months old before we adopted them at 16 months old while we were living in Thailand. We didn't know for sure if we could keep them forever, so we never really bought a bed for them at the beginning. A friend of us gave us 1 crib and the girls stayed in there till the moment came they were a bit too big. Then we moved over to a Queen bed that I turned into a huge crib and the girls and me all 3 slept in there (Dirk was already living and working in the USA), till the day we officially adopted them and moved all to the US.

Again, we put 2 toddler beds together and they had again a big crib. Till the moment the girls were potty trained we kept it like a big crib, then we split the 2 beds and made it like a normal toddler bed, so they could easily get out and go to the bathroom.
Last year we moved to South Africa, the girls were 6 now, and we bought them each a twin bed, but I guess it is too big, not cozy enough and hard to snuggle up with each other.... so old habits are hard to get rid off and the girls are sleeping together again.

If that makes them happy, it makes me happy! There will come a day that they find they don't have enough space, for now even looking at this picture the bed seems huge for those 2 tiny bodies :-)

I guess it is a twin thing, they feel more comfortable being close to each other, for 9 months they were so close that even now it doesn't bother the other one if her sister is laying almost on top of her.

Have a good day!


Ellie said...

So precious!! They are twins!! They have to be together! :)

Wyndee said...

So sweet. I have a "leg flopper" too. Gracie always has her leg flopped over Sophie---- or me. :-)

Jen and Jeff said...

aw, that is so cute!

Free Spirit said...

how precious. So glad you got this pic. So sweet !!!!

rosemary said...

I love this picture!! They are so cute snuggled up together. I used to sleep with my kid sister when we were little too. I think children just have a higher need for physicality.

Natalie said...

OH, I love that picture. So sweet.
I officially joined your blog as a 'follower'. I cannot wait to see more of your wonderful pictures of your sweet girls.


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