Thursday, April 2, 2009

Outer space presentations

Last week and this week the girls were working on a presentation they had to do in front of the class. They are talking at school about the galaxy, milky way, all the planets, the sun and moon cycles.

So each kid had to chose one of the subjects and make a presentation. A big project for such a little kids, and I was amazed by how well they did. A proud momma was taking pictures of her babies growing up!! And speaking in public, not easy in front of all your classmates and their parents.

Juliet made her presentation about the galaxy, she knew a lot about it and made the whole presentation herself. She wasn't shy talking in front of the class and after her presentation asked if anybody had a question.
Well done JJ!! I am proud of you ;-)

Jasmine is a bit shyer and she went through her presentation like a whirlwind, before I knew it it was over! Ha, she didn't even ask anybody if they had some questions, she was happy that it was over. Although fast, she made a great presentation about the Milky Way! Good job Jezzy, I am very proud!!

The timing of the presentation was at the same time and they are in different classes, so I had to switch from one to another. Luckily the teachers know this and made sure that the girls didn't have their presentation at the same time, so I could be with both of them.

My little babies are growing up, it is fun to see how they develop and become such a little persons with each their own personalities. Likes and dislikes, strong and weaker points. Very fun to observe!!

Have a good day!


Ellie said...

Looks like they did a beautiful job! Good for you, girls!!

Jen and Jeff said...

Oh, they are such great girls! You have done a good job yourself, Mireille!


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