Monday, March 3, 2008

Thai princesses

Isn't this picture adorable? We used this image when we sent out our adoption announcement in 2003. We were living in Thailand at the moment and since the girls are born there, we thought it was a cool idea to use the traditional clothing of Thailand.
These pictures were taken in a studio, and we had about 100 images, and this was the only 1 where both girls were kinda looking 'happy' in the picture. See some more below that we didn't use, but are still really funny!
You can see that they get bored and start chewing the jewelry.
Then Jasmine starts 're-adjusting' Juliet's tiara, which she is not happy about and starts crying.After a while, she thinks; what my sister can do, I can do and she starts messing with Jasmine's tiara. Of course she is not too happy about that! But look at Juliet's face, how smart she thinks she is, how funny is that face!

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