Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Hunger Games

As in the USA, the Hunger Games are really popular amongst kids and adults here in South Africa. The hype is not as big as in the US, but it is pretty 'IN'.

So last week the kids had to dress up as a presenter or TV/Movie character. Juliet went as Rue, of the Hunger Games.

With her hair curled JJ pretty much looked like Rue :-)
The kids in her class made up a group of children who had read the book and each person took over a role from the movie. Some kids are not allowed yet to read the books or see the movie, but I saw the movie and think it is OK when it comes out on video for the girls to see it.... They LOVED the books!

How about your kids, are they allowed to read the books and see the movie??

Enjoy your day!
Mireille xx


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Here I am so far behind again.....
I haven't read the hunger games sounds stressful to me, I would read it before I saw it so haven't done either.
OMG I would go hungry there they didn't look like a fun friday to me with that food, I couldn't get my face back to normal for a while after those pictures, goats and chicken feet, pretty sure its not for me, I will throw the dirty beer in too, no thanks.
the dolls were cool, that looked like a much funner day!
Those poor sorry little chickens, I want to take them home and let them have a happy life with feathers and food.

Annie said...

Hey, my friend! Great topic! So, I STILL haven't read the book yet and I am looking forward to doing so! I will say that my sister in law who is pretty easy going (not an uptight type) said that the book is probably too intense for the young readers (under 13), as the characters in the book are enslaved, powerless, must chose death for those close to them in order to live themselves, children fighting to the death, etc. I also heard the movie is not as intense as the book. So, I definitely did not let Matthew read this book when it came out a few years ago. Now that the movie is out and he is 13, I allowed him to read it.

PS. Juliet looks Awesome!


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