Friday, May 18, 2012

Charlie's Angels...

Jasmine and Juliet went with their friend Elle to a paintball Bday party last week and they felt all ready for it!!

Ready to beat the boys!! There were only 4 girls against all the boys, so the pressure was on :-) 
But with this kind of attitude you can beat anybody!

It's a real fun location called the Woods, check it out here, if you need a great idea for a Bday party!

You need to drive through quite some adventurous path and even water to reach the location, so the drive to it is already fun!

I was a bit scared to drive through this water with my low beemer... but I survived :-)

The location is gorgeous!
The Woods paintball place is located right off William Nichol in between Dainfern and the American school, so easy peasy to find!

Another great day in Africa!
Mireille xx

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Annie said...

Those girls are cute and a force to be reckoned with! What a coincidence as Matthew went to paintball party last weekend too. He and his friends had SO much fun! They came home with bruises all over their bodies though, that was crazy!


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