Monday, October 10, 2011

a new Martha in the house??

Jasmine and Juliet are both showing some interest in cooking and baking. So the other weekend JJ asked me to bake something, but she wanted to do it alone. At least as much as possible! OK with me!!

Brownies was the choice.

So here she goes; getting the ingredients together, mixing, pouring and licking... how fun is that last part!!

Cathlynn her friend came by and wanted to help as well, so both are decorating the brownie cake.

JJ has a go as well...

And see here the result! Normally brownies are made in a square tin, but today we wanted to decorate it with the hearts of powder sugar, so we made it round... tastes the same!!

YUM YUM! Like a good brownie, crunchy on the sides, but nice and gooey in the centre!!

Perfect brownie JJ!! Let's try something a bit more challenging the next time :-)

Are your kids into baking or cooking??

Enjoy your Marvellous Monday!!


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I should get maya going now. She likes to help but you know how mcuh a hate cooking! I don'tlike baking either much but I like to at least eat it. I do both since that falls in my job title, definetly need to trian Maya up maybe she will love it and I can retire that title.

Maci Miller said...

Yum! What a sweet idea to make hearts like that. The girls look so cute and serious while working on it. Love it. Ruby does that too, weather it's art or baking she is very very serious about it! We love to bake here, too, but haven't much lately. With cool weather coming, we are sure to get back into the kitchen soon! Thinking of pumpkin cupcakes and homemade orange marshmallows for Halloween...


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