Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween at school 2011

Halloween weekend! And you know what I realize... the weather is so nice!!

My friends in Connecticut are having snow, so we would be in the snow as well if we didn't move to South Africa, how extra nice this weather is. Sunny and 75F, just so much easier to dress up! No layers underneath your costume!!

First the celebration at school.

Juliet's class.

The girls only.

Being silly or scary...

The boys of JJ's class.

Jasmine's class.

The girls only.

And the boys of Jezz's class.

Some decorations the room moms put up.

Cathlynn and Jasmine.

JJ & Jezz, now with the different make-up they look so different! And everybody thought the girls were wearing wigs, but this is their real hair. Just being a bit creative as you could read in my posting of yesterday.

Great make-up with the Grim Reaper!

Svenja, Jasmine and Cathlynn.

Rose, Juliet, Elle and Kirsten.

Now on Saturday we have the trick 'r treating in our estate. Jasmine, Mi Young and Juliet are getting ready for the trick 'r treating at night. After this pic was taking they decided they didn't look scary enough, so I had to put some finishing touches on them.

Hair whiter and more make-up, now they are ready to scare the neighborhood :-)

Such a fun weekend!

We had a BBQ in the drive way, or more like a block party with a few families while the kids went out trick 'r treating. Here the kids don't walk, but they all drive around in golf carts... wish now I had taken a picture of that! But I forgot!

How was your Halloween weekend?


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Very cool and very scary! I thought thier hair was awesome, might have to do Maya's hair like that just for fun. Although last year I justed twisted up two high pigtails into ears and when we would untwist that it was pretty crazy.

Maci Miller said...

Kudos on the hair and make-up, mom! The girls look very cool in their costumes. Looks like they had a great time!

Ellie said...

Your girls sure are gorgeous!!! Looks like they just love life, too!!!


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