Saturday, October 15, 2011

a new kitten for Cathlynn

Juliet's best friend Cathlynn, who is also our neighbor and in the same class as Jasmine (they are all 3 friends of course, but at the moment JJ & Cathlynn are besties) has a new kitten.

So cute!!

So adorable!!

And... of course...

JJ wants one too!!

But unfortunately mommy is kind of allergic to dog & cat hair, makes me sneeze and I get itchy eyes... so she can play with Cathlynn's cat.

Which is fun as well!!

JJ still has her hamster, but of course after a month or so.. it is not as exciting anymore and the kitten is new, we will see for how long that excites them.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mireille xx

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