Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The smaller things in life...

that keeps the girls fascinated! Like a little snail that was gliding on our doorstep this morning when we went out to catch the school bus.

After putting it safely back into some green shrubs the girls were happy to go to school! According to Jasmine, she wanted to come and visit us here in paradise.

Paradise you think, well.. I have to tell you this conversation I had with her 2 weeks ago. We whisked our bunny Winter away from our garden and brought it to the local pet store, so she could mate with a male bunny. We left it there for 1 week to make sure she is really pregnant. But Jasmine was a bit worried and sad to leave her behind in the pet store. Because she told me that Winter would miss 'Paradise' (our home and garden where the bunnies live freely). I said to her that Winter will come back soon and then she has babies in her belly and we can give even more bunnies a life in Paradise.... she thought about it for a moment and then her face cleared up! Jasmine and Juliet will have to take care of a litter of baby bunnies in about 2 weeks, they can't wait!! Luckily gestation time for a rabbit is only 28 days.

So now we have another pet that lives in 'Paradise'... our newly made friend the snail ;-) Little things that make kids happy!!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Emm said...

How lovely that your girls call your house paradise! I love that they are so happy and secure!

Leah and Maya said...

well that was a pretty cute snail. How great that its paradise, I love it. Thank you for your comment, what bothers me most is the feelings when I don't want them, I am so lucky and have everything to make me happy, so whats with this jaded noncense, oh well I am hoping it fades because the biggest disappointment was realizing after I finally got home with Maya is that it wasnt.

rosemary said...

Baby rabbits how fun!! The girls will have a blast with them. I bet your home is like paradise - you seem like a lady who just makes everything lovely!


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