Friday, September 25, 2009

More pictures from Tatjana's shoot

Here are some more pictures my friend Tatjana took of us last weekend. I am starting soon to study Photography as well. At first I wanted to do the same course my friend is doing, but decided that a full-time course is hard to combine with my family life and all the other things I already am involved in. So now I am starting on October 6Th at the College of Digital Photography These are part-time courses and I can adjust them to my schedule. I am starting with the Fundamentals of digital photography (mandatory) and then I will do the more advanced photography like Photographs with impact, people photography, outdoor photography, creative photography and studio photography. I don't think I will do the wedding photography, but who knows I decide later to add that as well. And on top of these photography courses they also have basic and advanced Photoshop that I will add to the mix.

So enough classes to follow! Each subject has 3-5 classes. In total this will almost take 1 year to finish, with my vacations in between for sure. But I am looking forward to start on October 6Th and I will show you some of my results while I need to do my assignments an I like you to be my judge and give some feedback please!!

In general there is a rule, your face in or out of the shadow, but not like JJ's face here and her moving hand, so Tatjana cropped this picture and just showed Jezz, but I still like JJ's sweet face in this, so I kept it like the original :-)



And all of us

I like the different angle in this picture, not so traditional

So soon some work of mine!
Enjoy your weekend! Dirk flew off to Europe and is gone for 9 days, I need to entertain myself! Probably end up beading a lot... need to show you some of my work, soon!
Love, M


Leah and Maya said...

oh so jealous, I want to take some classes to, like how to use my camera more then the little bit that i do and how to actually use photoshop elements. Enjoy your classes. thanks for the wesite I am going there next, I love doing crafts with kids but its hard when alot of books I have are geared for school aged kids.

Wendy said...

Gorgeous photos, Mireille! I love them!

Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful family you have! So excited for you about your class! How fun will that be?

Emm said...

These are lovely!

I thought you were already a professional photographer!! Your photography is already amazing, it is going to become outstanding if you study further!

plantagenet said...

Hi Mireille, great pics of the 4 of you! Thanks. Like your other posts.... not much time, am in between of travels. love


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