Thursday, September 24, 2009

SA Heritage Day 2009

South Africans across the country will celebrate their rich and diverse culture today, Thursday 24 September, the country's national Heritage Day.

During September, in line with the Heritage Month theme of "celebrating South African craft", the Department of Arts and Culture has been paying tribute to the crafters, many from rural areas, who have contributed to the development of the country's rich heritage.

South Africa's crafters have over the years produced a vibrant craft legacy using natural resources and recycled products such as plastic bags, paper, cardboard boxes and wire.

Although the craft industry has moved from being an expression of artistry to entrepreneurship, practitioners still lack protection from exploitation.

The main Heritage Day event will take place in the rural village of Moroke in Tubatse, which falls under the Greater Sekhukhune District in Limpopo province.
Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe will join the people of Limpopo when they kick-start the day's activities with a cleansing ceremony at Tjate Heritage site in Sekhukhune.

The cleansing ceremony takes place every year as part of the festival, which commemorates the legacy of King Sekhukhune I, who resisted British colonialists on the battlefield at Tjate in Ntsoaneng village in 1878.

The celebrations became an annual event in 2004, when the statue of King Sekhukhune I was unveiled in Ntsoaneng, where women and children used to seek refuge in times of war.

During the annual ceremony, the Kgoshikgolo (supreme king) slaughters a goat and the elders come together to pay respects to the Sekhukhune ancestors.

The cleansing ceremony will be performed by both traditional leaders and healers.

The girls have still school, since the American International school follows the American holidays and not the SA. However, Dirk has a day off, so we are going to play a round of golf before he leaves to make a trip to Europe for the next 10 days.

Have a Terrific Thursday!

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