Friday, July 18, 2008

getting used to a house boy...

The house we are living in is not completely finished, well...just some details have to be fixed. Minor things, you would think! but it takes quite a crew here to fix things. Reminds us a lot about Thailand...For every little job, there is a new guy coming to the house. The phone line has to be installed in the rooms we want it, the faucets are backwards, so left is cold and right is hot! Too confusing for us, so we want it the other way around, like the rest of the world...and actually also in SA, just not in our house ;-)
And so there is a list of about 25 things that we would like to either have changed or improved, it takes a whole village and probably the rest of the month before that is happened. Sometimes people need to come back 2-3 times to fix one little least we went through this while living in Thailand and we know now that we just have to be patient and it will day!

But in the meantime the owner of the house allocated a house boy for us. Since we don't have a domestic worker (as they call it here) yet, they thought we couldn't live without any help. So we have Betias a nice, little shy guy who helps us out with everything we need help with. He cleans the pool, rakes the yard, fixes little things (with no tools, except a kitchen knife) even does the dishes and sweeps the floor inside. For the rest of the day he just hangs outside and watches every move I make. So when I might need him he is there! Cute or annoying...with my experience of living in Thailand I don't find it as annoying anymore, actually quite handy such a guy around who does everything. But this is temporary, which is good, because I know myself it will turn annoying after a while, but for now I am happy with my house boy!

Yeah, living in South Africa is different than in the US. I will keep you posted on more ordinairy things around here. For now we have some art classes the girls are attending, and I have to drive them. Will be a challenge as well, since I haven't been driving on the left side myself for the last 5 years, so I hope this will turn out save and sound!

You will know by tomorrow ;-)
Love, mireille

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