Friday, December 23, 2011

Last day of school.... Hooray!

The girls had a Christmas celebration at school, with some snacks and crafts before every body went on a 3 week vacation.

All excited that it is over and vacation can start!!

Here, JJ is decorating a small box to put some ornaments in they are making next. It was also twin day at school, that means that each kid had to choose a friend and they had to dress up the same for the day. I have no pictures of that because most of the kids already dressed back in their own clothes by the time the Xmas celebration started where the parents were invited to.

Juliet and her teacher Ms. Gina.

In between the different crafts the kids had a chance to have a snack and a drink. Here Jasmine with a few of her friends.

Jasmine and her teacher Mrs. Jackson.

Both decorating their boxes.

Jasmine with one of her classmates.

These are some of the examples the kids could make from the edible dough.

But Jasmine seemed a bit daunted by the idea, although later she made a few cute ones....

Xmas break is a bit lonely here, since most of the families go back to their home countries to celebrate with their families. But we are staying here, which we actually like a lot. The weather is gorgeous, the city is not so crowded and we are looking forward having our friends Ginster and Peter over for Xmas and a few days thereafter.

We will catch up on our good times together in Thailand....

What are your plans for Xmas?
Are you traveling to family or staying home?

Mireille xx

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Leah Maya Benjamin said...

wow look at those summer clothes, seems so strange to see. Have a wonderful Christmas, we will be staying home, I am a home body and love to be here for the holidays. YAY for no school, its goign to be hard nest year to have Maya gone so much during the day I will love those breaks.


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