Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Amazing Orange Cake...

As Jill Dupleix says on her website: "very now and then, a recipe comes along that is set to take over the world. The Amazing Orange Cake is just such a recipe".

Since Jasmine and Juliet are into baking these days I thought this was a good Holiday recipe we could make.

So yesterday we, or I must actually say: JJ & Jezz made this cake. Although they baked it, they haven't tried a slice yet... that is the part. They like to bake, but then they are not really interested in eating, and then Dirk and me are stuck with a yummy cake, but way too much for us. So that's why I don't like to bake!!

Here the girls are getting all the ingredients together, and buttering the pan. When you click on the link above it will bring you to the recipe. We halved the recipe, since this was a huge cake, and half is already for a 22 cm pan, which is more than big enough!

Mixing part is so much fun, they took turns!

And then the end result.... not bad for a first attempt! And the girls are so proud of themselves :-)

It's a very yummy cake, but my friend Dunke makes a better version!! So Dunke, next time I'll come and get your recipe, because nobody beats your yummilicious Orange Cake!!

Have a wonderful Xmas all!!
Mireille xx


Wendy said...

The cake looks delicious, and I could swear that both girls have aged at least 5 years since I saw them in July.

Maci Miller said...

Nice job, girls!


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