Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meeting with Masterchef contestant Alvin Quah

Last week one of the contestants of Masterchef Australia ~ series 2, Alvin Quah was in town for a cooking demonstration at the Good Food Studio at PnP on William Nichol. And since I am a huge, and I mean HUGE fan of this cooking series, I just had to go!!

So I asked around and 2 of my friends, Paige and Janet wanted to join me for this fun event. So we went!

And it was FABULOUS!!

Alvin is a funny guy, joking while cooking away. Chatting with us, the public, about 40 people, some who want to try out for the Masterchef South Africa that is starting soon, some just wanting to have a fun morning while joking away with Alvin.

There were also some guys from the Gourmet Guys, and they wrote an article about Alvin's cooking demonstration as well, see here.

Me, I just love to see this guy in person, who amongst the other 24 contestants I have been following on TV for weeks!! So just a cool day!

He made 3 dishes for us, in a snap. After that we were able to meet & greet and have our books signed, if you bought one that is. We could not taste his food unfortunately because he made only 3 dishes, 1 portion size and the crowd was too large, but Paige, Janet and me went back afterwards and tried his dishes anyway.... sneeky of us ;-)

His 3 dishes are all Asian inspired, since his background is Malaysian, so right up my alley... all Asian food is!

Here is what he made: Kung Po Chicken, Buddhas Garden and a Bruised Salad. (This almost is the same as the Thai Green Papaya Salad, without the papaya).

Alvin didn't win the competition, he ended up 6th, but his endearing personality makes him one of the favorites from series 2, at least I find!!

He has his own website, see here and he hopes to open an Asian tapas bar and to release a cookbook of his and his mum's Malaysian-inspired recipes soon. For now I just have the Masterchef Cookbook, which I am happy about! But will look out for his own recipe book.

Are you a fan of the Masterchef cooking series?? Do they broadcast in your country??
I am looking forward to the next series, hopefully coming soon!!
Mireille xx


Annie said...

Mireille! This is really cool! How fun!

Paige said...

Soooo fun! Now I'm ready for your cooking classes!!!

Maci Miller said...

How cool, Mireille! What a great experience for you to see and meet him. Food looks great, too! We love watching Gordon Ramsey's show here, too, but have only seen the US one.


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