Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year's Eve in Holland

We celebrated New Year's Eve with our friends Marisca & Martijn. They are very good friends of us and we had a blast. Another couple Petra & Norbert joined us as well for the evening, so in total we were with 6 adults and 6 children. M&M have a boy of almost 4 and a baby girl of 6 months.
P&N have 2 girls, age 7 and 4, so JJ and Jezz had enough company to have fun as well!

In the Netherlands traditionally there are many great TV and music programs, so a lot of people stay home and celebrate with some food and drinks. A traditonal dish is OLIEBOLLEN and APPELFLAPPEN, of course champagne and some other drinks and snacks. At twelve we go outside and shoot of your own fire works. Standing and shooting away, greeting the neighbors who also come outside, we just had a fantastic and traditional New Year's Eve. How fun to do that with some good 'old' friends from Holland!

The afternoon leading up to it we went bowling and we did Cosmic Bowling, that is in the dark and everything is glow-in-the-dark, so much fun with disco music blarng through the bowling alley. The kids and we had so much fun!!
Here some pictures of the events:

Jezz, JJ, Jillian and Justin, the 4 J's ;-)

Marisca, Dirk and Martijn being silly, because I was the big winner of the adults and that was hard to handle for the guys LOL!

Jasmine was the big winner of us all, she had the best score of everybody!! The kids couldn't throw the ball in the gutter, it was protected, so that's why...

Juliet a bit struggling with the big bowling balls...

Dressed to party, all the kids are ready for the big night, none of them wanted to take a nap and stayed up till 2am!!

Sofie, JJ and Anna

The princesses of the night :-) Anna, Jezz and JJ

The girls & Justin sipping children's champagne... but mommy this is just apple juice says Jezz ;-) You can't fool these kids anymore...

Norbert & Dirk, good old buddies!

We had some good times, lots of booz, old memories, because all of us lived on the Canary islands on Tenerife a long time ago and worked in the tourism industry together. We talked about those crazy times when we were young and beautiful.. haha!! And now all married and having children.... Time flies!

Have a good one!


rosemary said...

I am so jealous that you lived in the canary Islands! You need to post some pics of that. Sounds like you had a fun night and I love the girls party dresses - darling!!

PixieBelle said...

What a small world! That may just get smaller. I used to live in SA and went to boarding school near to where you live! As you live in Fourways you may know my old school on the hill near Diepkloof. It was called Phuthing back then but I believe it has some smarty pants sounding name now. Across the hill from the American International school.
Is that bowling alley the one here in Heerlen? How funny that we as adults were drinking fizzy apple juice from a fake champagne bottle just like your kids! ;)


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