Friday, January 15, 2010

Slowly getting back into the groove of things...

It is the 15th already and this will be my second post of the year..... not a great start here huh? I am sorry but I have a hard time getting into my normal routine! I hope from now on to be a bit better and start blogging on a more regular basis, just because I like it! I like to post and I LOVE to read your blogs as well. I love to read the comments, makes me think and I like the creative process that blogging brings with it. And also I really like that connection I have with you all, from all over the world. I know so many people in every continent that I keep in touch with through this FDD blog, so I don't want to loose you guys by being a bad blogger, so hang in there I am BACK!!

Let me first show you some pictures I made during our vacation in the Netherlands, there are not many, because we only took our tiny camera, since the middle size was stolen and I don't like to schlepp the bigger one around too much. But the outcome of the smaller is not that great.. so here just a few snapshots....

The girls got skeelers for Xmas, and since it was snowing outside they had to try them on in my dad's kitchen, a bit small but for the girls it was perfect ;-)

All the children at the New Year's eve party: JJ, Jezz, Justin, Jillian, Sophie & Anna.

Me and my dad at his 70th Bday party!

My youngest brother Perry, and my mom with JJ and Jezz.

Dirk's side of the family: his sister Willeke and husband Martin, their daughters Nienke & Sanne, grandpa Sjoerd and boyfriend of Nienke; Aaron.

Our nieces, Nienke & Sanne with JJ & Jezz.

These pictures are all SOOC; straight out of camera, since I don't know how to work on my Mac that much yet....
Just a snapshot of our vacation in the Netherlands, or Holland as they call it mostly.

Have a great day y'all!


Leah and Maya said...

Hey it looks like you all had fun! alot of us are slow blogging right now, I'm not taking that many pictures, and you know its just plan winter here. Beautiful family pictures, still so strange to see you without the purple hair!

PixieBelle said...

Looks to have been a great time had by all! Holland it is indeed. In my job part of our service covers the Netherlands and a customer once rang to complain that we didn't list Holland as a country we covered. I reminded him that it is in fact the Netherlands and is definately on the list of countries covered in Europe. I've never known anyone so embarassed. Amused me greatly!
Don't worry about the lack of blogging. I've only managed one update this year. :(

plantagenet said...

nice pics, thanks for sharing

Wendy said...

So glad to have you back. I'm glad you included pictures b/c I had no idea what skeelers were! LOL!

Loved the Christmas card, btw (Lily carted it around for days; I asked her if she remembered going pumpkin picking with the girls), and thanks for the safari info! Can't wait to see my first cheetah!


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